Monday, January 7, 2013

Excuses for not writing...and THE GNOME GPOLL!

I've come up with some doozy excuses for not writing.

Watching West Wing reruns.
Folding laundry.

You know its bad if I choose to do the dishes instead of sitting down at the laptop.

I think my favorite must be, the character's name is all wrong.

I've done this countless times and I'm at it again.

I don't like my male main character name that I came up with. Well, I like it, but I don't think I can use it.

As soon as I picked it I learned about three of four other people who have this actual name, including like a third cousin of mine, and now all I can think of is them and not my hot, gorgeous, muscly character. 

So, instead of writing, I'm spending stupid hours 'researching' names that I can use instead.

Yeah, I know. It's just an excuse. There is something else going on here. Something my writer brain doesn't like about what I've written or will be writing and I need to sit back down and read it over and think about it instead of pretending its a name thing.

Thanks, I needed that.

So, I'll go do that....and for a new name for the fire gnome!

See the poll? Up there on the right?

Voting will close on Friday!

How was your weekend?
Did you favorite NFL team make it through the wildcard games?


  1. Some great name suggestions - voting will be difficult.
    My team didn't make it, but none of the games surprised me this weekend.

  2. The West Wing is incredibly well written and doesn't count as an excuse at all - it's more like training. :)

  3. I voted for Zippo. That sounds like a name for a gnome.

  4. OMG, I have totally wasted all kinds of time finding the write name! I vote for Probie. I love NCIS :)

  5. Smokey goes well with Stormy. "It's the Stormy and Smokey Report here from Warwick. No storms or smoke spotted."

  6. I came up with some of those same excuses so I wouldn't have to take down the tree this weekend. We must be related or somethin'.

  7. We all come up with excuses from time to time and I love Smokey and Stormy together!

  8. I agree with Tonja that watching the West Wing counts as training. And not just because I've spend several afternoons doing the same thing. The dialogue is exquisite and we should all write dialogue that way.

    I'm having a hard time picking a favorite name for the fire gnome. Too many awesome choices!

  9. proof that watching tv is research...watched Safe House (cia movie withdenzel washington & ryan reynolds) and darned if they didnt use a device that my futuristic characters use for data & secret files!!! but thats ok, i came up with another method. glad i caught it before i published!

    and if i dont clean house it will come to life and kick us out! but i did get the boys to do a few things over break...never ends!

    will send creative writing vibes your way!

    zippo! ha!! (i voted for zippo & smokey =)

  10. I went for Zippo :D

    I hope you find a name that works for you!

  11. Awesome name suggestions! I watch too much TV when I want to avoid writing too.

  12. Just voted for Gifford!

    I've totally killed some hours doing name research. It's a bit of a shameful way I've procrastinated on writing, but, you know...the right name's important! ;-) (Well, it is!)
    Some Dark Romantic

  13. I hope you find the perfect name for your character and for your new gnome. : )

  14. I'm in a similar place. I'm finally ready to start writing but I keep thinking I won't be able to do it again, write an entire novel, or at least as well as the first.

    As for the name, I love Zippo! It fits!

  15. The voting lever has been pulled! :)

  16. You and I must be TOTALLY on the same wave length.... I blogged about "making excuses" today too, Heather... Check out my blog for an antidote. It worked for me It might just work for you too!

    Happy name searching... I hope you come up with a good one!

    Off to vote!

  17. Thank you for all your support! As usual you guys are the best team anyone could ask for!


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