Wednesday, September 4, 2013

IWSG - Two Year Anniversary!

This is a fantastic group run by a fantastic guy and I just can't say enough fantastic things about it!

Alex J. Cavanaugh ... you da' man!

Need to talk about your writing problems? This is the group.

Need to share some good news or good vibes? This is the group.

Feeling the strain and need some support? This is the group.

It's all here's about to get even better!

I just read on Alex's blog that The Insecure Writer's Support Group is about to have a brand new website!

So exciting!!

Alex, thank you for being such a caring guy and helping out anyone and everyone you come across!

Happy Anniversary, IWSG!


  1. Thanks, Heather! And thank you for being a part of the group. That's what makes it so awesome.

  2. This is my first post with IWSG and I'm so pleased to be a part of such a great group of authors.

  3. Hi, Heather! On my way over to Alex's now to check out the news!

  4. Yes, happy anniversary to US! I wrote about what the group has meant to me.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  5. It's amazing how this group has grown in two years and now the potential for even more. Wow.

  6. An amazing group that provides a place to interact with folks who really understand what you are going through. Three cheers for IWSG!

  7. I was initially a little skeptical about this group. I was afraid everyone would just be trying to promote their books. But I'm so happy with IWSG. It's been a really great experience meeting so many other writers and finding out that I'm not alone.

  8. Yay for IWSG! Here's to many more fabulous years. :)

  9. It's amazing. It doesn't feel like two years, but I'm so glad this group has done so well. Yay for Alex!

  10. What a feel good post! I love that IWSG is getting it's own blog. That so rocks just like Alex!


  11. Alex - It means a lot to me to be a part of it!

    Cathrina - Wonderful! Welcome to the group! Thanks for coming.

    Wendy - It's awesome, right!

    Tina - I'll be over! Great!

    L. Diane - Great job to you and Alex! So cool!

    Karen - It really is fantastic!

    Suzanne - It's like comfort food on the internet!

    James - That's wonderful! I'm so glad to hear that. Thanks for coming by!

    Emma - It's really a great group. Thanks for stopping by!

    M.J. - I agree. I'm so glad we are a part of it all!

    Elsie - What a great opportunity! Think about all of us sharing with a larger audience!

    Thanks everyone!

  12. Can't wait for the website. I agree Alex is awesome.

  13. Yay for IWSG! I love this group. I've found such support and encouragement from this community. I wish we all lived near each other and we could have ice cream together. :)

  14. Yo Heather!

    I keep humouring my silly human and let him think that "IWSG" means, "I Was Seeking Gary."

    Good gosh y'all, two years. Well done all of you who pawticipate, um participate.

    Stay chillin',

    Snoop Bloggy Dog in da Gangsta's Pawadise!

  15. Brandon Ax - What a great resource its going to be!

    Christine - I love your idea! That would be great.

    Snoop - Yo, yo, yo! Sup, DAWG! Thanks for your visit! Tell Gary we said..."HEY!"


  16. I think the website has a lot of potential. Great IWSG post!

    Kim Lajevardi
    (This Writer's Growing)

  17. Kim - It should be great!

    Thanks for coming by!


  18. Nice tribute to Alex! It is a great blog hop, and having a new website, I'm sure, will make it much manageable for him. Writer’s Mark


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