Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Give a little to get a lot.

Just want to take a moment to discuss something near and dear to my heart.

Donating blood is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give.

Sure, its anonymous and no one will send you a thank you card, but deep down you know you are saving lives. 

A life of someone that is loved or needed by someone else. 

A life that could be cut short without an hour of your time and a pint of your blood.

While blood donors are needed throughout the year, they are most needed during holidays and in the summer. It is during these times that the number of donations declines while the demand continues or even increases.


Going hand in hand with this life saving gift is becoming a bone marrow donor and an organ donor.

Joining the National Marrow Donor Program is as easy as a cheek swab and some paper work. The donation process is quite simple these days and practically pain free.

Helping a person triumph over their cancer, or other life-threatening disease, is worth any discomfort.

Not everyone agrees, and not everyone is eligible, but those of us that are ready, willing and able shouldn't wait another moment to get involved.

Be The Match

Organ Donation

American Red Cross

New York Blood Center

Community Blood Services


  1. An excellent PSA. Hope everyone who can go out and donate blood and/or bone marrow does so.

  2. Doesn't take much to have 'donor' listed on one's driver's license.
    I can't donate blood though. Got a thing about needles. Wouldn't want to lose all of my man points during the process.

  3. I'm one of those people that a vampire would walk away from. The blood trickles out of me in tiny drops and then just stops. I tried to give blood once, but they sent me home.

    I did donate my organs though. I have a friend that had a liver transplant.

  4. So far I've only donated blood once. My mom has a thing against donating blood and organs. She believes that it has to do with "selling your body", and is akin to prostitution. Once I knew that 17 year olds could donate blood without parental consent, I went right ahead and donated some.
    But like Alex, I have a thing with needles. Can't stand them.

  5. I tried to donate a while back too, but they turned me away for a slightly low iron count. Which totally freaked me out and made me very aware of the need to take better care of myself. Will try to donate again.


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