Friday, November 29, 2013

Need more turkey! STAT!

The hardest part about eating Thanksgiving dinner at a relative's house is that I don't have any leftovers at my house.

No turkey sandwiches. No re-heated side dishes. No pie for lunch.

And, that sucks.

Now, normally we have more than one Thanksgiving dinner meal, one with the husband's family and one with mine.

Due to scheduling and traveling plans this year we are having one Thanksgiving dinner and one Thanksgiving breakfast.

Dinner was yesterday. Breakfast is on Sunday.

Breakfast won't be turkey.

No turkey for breakfast.


I know. I love pancakes too. But, I also love turkey. And stuffing. And cranberry sauce. And mashed potatoes. And gravy.


Do they have a program for this? I might need a meeting.

I guess I'll have to make an additional Thanksgiving turkey dinner soon with all the fixin's.

Just for me.

Well, I guess I could share it with the family. 


Happy 'Day After' Thanksgiving With No Leftovers Day.


  1. No leftovers sucks - no turkey sandwiches! We did have pancakes this morning though. They were good.

  2. Understand your problem, same at Christmas, think another turkey is an excellent idea!

  3. No leftovers? I agree...make a turkey of your own.

  4. No turkey sandwiches? No snacks of mashed potatoes and gravy? No every time you walk past the kitchen you detour inside and sneak a slice of pie? Horrors! There better be a boatload of blueberries in those pancakes...

  5. I knew you guys would feel the same way.



  6. You definitely need your own thanksgiving dinner. Make yourself that turkey and enjoy it with all the fixings...just don't forget the dessert.


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