Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Just trying to do my civic duty!


How's it going?

Pretty good here.

Except that I got robbed yesterday!

Okay, maybe robbed is too strong a word.

I believe the word I did use was hornswoggled!

It's a great word, right?

So, I started Jury Duty yesterday. When I left, it was snowing. We were expecting 4 to 8 inches of snow. (We didn't get anywhere near that amount).

I arrive with all my paperwork and my notebook. This was research! I was going to take notes this time. I was going to study the lawyers and the jurors and the judge and the cops and just everyone!

Within twenty minutes the nice Queen of the Juror People comes out to tell us that the judge has emailed her and decided not to choose jurors for the case due to the inclement weather and to send us all home.

People actually clapped!

Which I guess would have been fine if we had been asked to come in today, but NO! She tells us that we are done. We have 'served' and that we won't be called again for at least six years.

People clapped again!


Oh, well. I suppose I could always go sit in on court proceedings to get my fix.


I sent One Good Catch, aka MC2, to my 'editors' this morning (Suz and K).

Let's all cross our fingers that they like it.


I'm supposed to have a cover reveal here on Friday but I haven't gotten the cover yet. Must do some detective work and find it! It's supposed to be awesome!


  1. Just go back on your own time - then no pressure or worry you'll have to serve.
    I bet your editors like it!

  2. Good luck. I bet your editors will love it! It's funny how so many people I know feel the same way about jury duty.

  3. I really wanted jury duty and ended up on a murder trial. It was fascinating...took about 10 days and then came the deliberation which took about 12 hours of deadlock. We did find not-guilty..but it was interesting to watch my fellow jurors come to that decision.

  4. I should tell you about my jury duty experience sometime - in summary, 3.5 week trial, one druge dealer murdering another, and the jury was sequestered for deliberations!

  5. Because of the way the window opened, I totally thought you'd actually been robbed. Then I just felt silly.

    It is funny how many people hate the idea of jury duty. Definitely take a trip down to watch on your own :D

  6. I like it so far! Will read through the whole thing again this weekend (hopefully).

    I will go to court with you! I remember sitting in the Nathaniel White courtroom when then read his verdict. An experience I won't ever forget.

    Love you!

  7. You must be the only living human I've ever heard be disappointed about cancelled jury service! Hehe. That being said, being in on a really juicy case would be quite interesting!

  8. Sounds like my husband. He's never been called for jury duty and he whines about it all the time. :)


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