Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stormy the Weather Gnome is looking for A Few Good Gnomes!

It's me, Stormy!

I'm taking over the blog today because I'm in need of ... friends!

Friends that can help me, and that Heather lady, during the 2014 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge!

Friends that can give me a couple of hours of their time!

Friends that want to make more new friends and see some new blogs!

So, if you think you've got what it takes to be a 'Stormy Sidekick', leave me a comment (or send me an email: and I'll send you the coolest badge on the planet, made by the coolest artist I know, Jeremy at Being Retro! (HE ROCKS!)

Join me, and we will rule the blogiverse together!


Heather here.

I just had to share some of Stormy's campaign slogan fails...

Stormy and his Gnomies

Stormy’s Gnomeland Security

Stormy’s Ge-gnome Project

Once you go gnome, you'll never go home

Team Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynamite Wolf Squadron


Just a quick reminder that my publisher is giving away a paperback copy of Maguire's Corner on Goodreads! 

Less than a week left to enter!


Working hard on my edits this week. Why do these seem to take longer than writing the actual book?

As most of you know one of my 'editors' is Suz, AKA Mom.

I was telling my husband that it's like I'm bipolar when I go through her edits.

Page 1: "No, Mom, I'm not gonna change that. That's stupid. Why would you write that. You suck!"

Page 2: "Oh, that's a good idea."

Page 3: "Hello? What makes you think you know what I want to say there? You don't! I'm not changing that!"

Page 4: "I like that word, that's a good replacement."

It's really terrible of me, I know. I don't have nearly the same problem with edits from other people. Sorry, Suz. :)

I'm going back to work.
Have a good day!


  1. Jeremy made an awesome badge for you! Like Stormy's Sidekicks.

  2. Stormy!!!!! If I had known you were looking, I'd have made myself available! How do you feel about a non-exclusive relationship?

  3. I like all of those slogans. Clearly I'm not meant for the advertising world :D

    Writing Through College

  4. Oh man. Revising. That's scary stuff, there. Good luck :)

    Looking forward to Stormy's adventures this year!

  5. LOL! Those edit responses are...well, just like the whip-lash battle I have with my in-house content editor.

    P.S. I went to enter the giveaway, and it told me NO because I have to be 18 years old and I haven't listed a birthday! LOL. Guess I should fix that, eh?

  6. those catch phrases are hilarious!
    i'm already one of Jeremy's minions from last year, or i'd help you for sure!
    wasn't even sure if i was going to do it, but since next book release isn't til June, i have more time (haha)

    and i treat my non-mom editor the same way, in my head. it's not like they can hear us (unless we post it! ha ha)

  7. Cool Stormy badge!

  8. Hi, Mary Mac here from I'm currently working on a story with some of my friends, and editing, while having to agree with friends about it is really hard. Love your blog and stormy is awesome!
    ~Mary Mac


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