Wednesday, May 7, 2014

#IWSG - The ups and downs of publishing.



Welcome back.

The Insecure Writer's Support Group is all about encouragement and support.

It's been a great place to turn to when things aren't going our way.

Like recently.

Some of you know that my small publisher folded like a lawn chair. It wasn't pretty.

I won't bore you with the messy details but I will say that I will never again sign with a company that doesn't have a few years under their belt.

The worst part was that I had to watch my very first book get pulled from the all the sales sites. One by one.

I am now an un-published author.

It's my greatest hope that I will find a new publisher and/or agent to take on Maguire's Corner and Once Good Catch. I really want to find a new home for them.

On that note, I will say that I'm just a little bruised, certainly not broken, and I'm ready to kick some query/synopsis ass and get my books back out the door.

What are you dealing with today?

Let me know if you need me to open a can of whoop-ass and head to your location.


  1. I'm really sorry that happened. Sadly, you're not alone. Just keep looking!

  2. My book was almost published. Was going to be published. But the tiny publisher folded. So now I don't particularly trust tiny publishers.

  3. I'm sorry that happened. Hopefully you find something bigger and better.

  4. Good attitude and great photo! Never give up! Never surrender!

  5. Wow that's a really young picture of Tim the toolman Taylor! so sorry to hear about your books and am sending you good vibs to turn things around...quickly. My SIL went through a similar thing once when a book of hers was stolen and sold out of the country on the black market...marking it not possible for her to sell her own book for a good many years.

    Keep us posted.

    Letting everyone know who left more then a few comments on my blog during the challenge that they've been added to my blog log for some linky love...and to make it easier to visit more frequently. You're one of them.

  6. Sigh, publishing is full of setback. I myself had a ton of those. But the important thing is that we keep pushing forward. Go you!!

  7. It's hard to decide whether to get in on the ground floor with a start-up publisher or wait until they're fully established. Best wishes finding a home for your novel.

  8. Didn't you get your rights back? if not, why? And if so, why not publish it yourself? Going indie is a bit of work, but a large part of it (editing, etc.) has already done since your books have already been published.

    Go, go, go!!! :D

    That was my version of whoop-ass. :)
    IWSG #224 until Alex culls the list again.

  9. I'm so sorry that happened. Your book is fantastic. You'll find a new home for it. You can do it! :) And here I am worrying about publishers today too. Yikes.

  10. I am very sorry that that happened, but I know you'll land on your feet. You're a great writer; you'll find a new home.

  11. Here's hoping you will be picked up by an even better publisher! As writers we continually have to pick ourselves up and brush ourselves off!

    D.B. McNicol
    Romance & Mystery...writing my life

  12. I'm so sorry to hear this! The same thing recently happened to a friend of mine, and I know it's been quite a struggle for her as well.

    I love your attitude. Make sure to give yourself some time to mourn, but then right back on that horse! If you were published once, the likelihood of you finding another publisher is high.

    Good luck, and hang in there! As for me, I'm struggling with the usual query process. Pour your heart onto a page, spend months perfecting your query letter, and get form letters in response. It can break your heart if you let it.

  13. Ouch! Well, you know that at least one publisher liked it, even if it wasn't the most desirable publisher in the end. Now your books can find the home they truly deserve.

  14. I'm sorry that happened. It must be really hard. Hopefully, you'll find a new home for your books, or maybe you'll consider self-publishing. GL!

  15. Poor books :( they'll find a home!! Good luck with the whoop ass ;)

  16. That must have been heartbreaking! Still, you made it once. You'll make it again. Best of luck!

  17. Your situation actually sounds like the ideal one for self-publishing. It's already been professionally edited. There is a harsh learning curve to doing it yourself, but I think there are fee-for-service set ups that will do all the formatting and loading. The bookstore piece will be missing unless you do a lot of footwork, but small publishers have trouble with that, too.

    I wish you the very best--it is a lousy situation and I'm sorry it happened.

  18. I'm sorry for you, but can you pick up the book and run with it? Keep selling! Don't stop just because you don't have a publisher. You can get it printed, can't you? I'm no expert on this, but I worked with a publisher who had to go out of business. The rights to the books reverted to the authors and they were able to get the books and sell them.


  19. I'm sorry that happened to you, but I'm so glad you're ready to open some whoop-ass on the whole thing. With that attitude, you're bound to succeed. Best of luck.

  20. That is a huge disappointment. You have what it takes, so put it out there again.
    Play off the Page

  21. I'm sorry you lost your publisher. But if you found one, you can find another. Believe!

  22. I hate hearing that happened to you. You will get it back out there. Keep your chin up.

    Ray Bradbury "You fail only if you stop writing."

    You will kick this and come back stronger.

    Happy Writings
    Juneta at Writer's Gambit

  23. I am so sorry to hear about your first press. Could you self-publish them or do you need to find another press? Either way, you'll find a home for your books.

  24. Wow, I'm so sorry you had to experience this. I wish you the best of luck in finding the path you want for your books be it self-publishing or finding another publisher. That is indeed the best quote for this situation, "Never give up. Never surrender." Hugs!

    S.K.Anthony: IWSG

  25. How frustrating! But you WILL persevere. I can tell.

  26. Hi Heather, I'm so sorry to hear about your books. I have faith that they'll find a new home soon. Even on my worst days, I try to think positive. :) Enjoy what's left of IWSG Day! Eva

  27. Yep, that is a draw back to small publishers. Been there, got the defunct link to prove it.

    The story sold once heather, it will again.

  28. Alex – Thank you. I intend to do just that.

    Tony – I’m sorry. I agree. I’m going for bigger fish.

    Sarah – Thank you. I’m going to try.

    Tanya – Exactly!

    Sandy – Thank you for the support and for adding me on your blog! That’s wonderful!

    E.E. – Keep moving forward is all I keep saying. Thank you.

    Diane – Yeah. I was hoping we could help each other out. Thank you.

    Melissa – I do have my rights. All is well. I don’t know if self-pub is the right move for me or not. But, thanks for the Whoop-Ass!!!

    Christine – I’m with you. Thank you. I appreciate it.

    M.J. – That is very nice of you to say, thank you!

    Donna – Yes, we do. Doing that now!

    Holli – We shall prevail. Thank you for commenting.

    Nick – Thank you. I’m feel that way too.

    Lucinda – Thank you. I’m considering everything.

    sjp – Thank you. I will find a new place.

    Samantha – Thanks for the encouragement.

    Hart – I’ve been hearing that a lot. Not sure I have the gumption to go that route but we will see. Thank you.

    Janie – I’m going to look for help with that. Thank you.

    Angeline – I hope so. Thank you.

    Mary – Gonna try my best. Thank you!

    L. Diane – I will believe because you guys all believe in me thank you.

    Juneta – I hear that. Thank you!

    Elizabeth – I’m hoping for a better publisher. We shall see. Thank you.

    S.K. – Thanks for the support and hugs!

    Julie – I appreciate that! Thank you!

    Eva – I will continue to be positive! Thank you!

    Donna – Thank you. I will try my best

  29. I am so sorry that this happened to you, Heather. But don't give up. You will find someone to pick up both your books again, because you're a good writer. Sending you plenty of hugs.

  30. I'm sorry. I can't think of anything worse.

    Except facing that alone. :-(

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

  31. Ick. Sorry to hear of your publishing troubles. But keep your chin up, girl, it'll get better. :)

  32. I'm sorry to hear this. Am sure you'll find a good home for your books soon-- part of being a writer is never giving up no matter what. Here's wishing things will look up soon!

  33. That really bites. But ... on the bright side - you got published (yay!) Means you can do it again.

    I'd be happy just to be seriously published and out there with a well-written work I could be proud of. Baby steps.

  34. That really bites. But ... on the bright side - you got published (yay!) Means you can do it again.

    I'd be happy just to be seriously published and out there with a well-written work I could be proud of. Baby steps.

  35. Sorry to hear about this suckfest. You'll find a new home for your books...keep on keeping on Heather.


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