Monday, May 12, 2014

Weird story time and it's someone's book birthday!

So, here's a funny story. 

Well, not so much funny funny. More like funny ironic.

My husband's volunteer fire department has started their yearly softball games.

As an awesome wife, and glutton for punishment, I attend all these games dragging our son with us. Don't let him fool you, he loves to go and run around berserk with the other spawn ... I mean kids.

I always bring my notebook(s) to these games. Technically, I bring one with me everywhere I go these days.

Normally, I would run out of conversation with the people in the stands about three minutes in. Usually, right after, "Hey, how are you today?"

Then, I would just bury my nose in my notebook.

Now, the people in the stands know that I've written one book and they want to know more about it or more about the next book. They have all these questions and they want ... talk.

It's so hard.

I'm not completely anti-social. And, I know all these people, most of them for years. But, they didn't think I was very interesting before.

I'm still not very interesting. Hence, why I write about stuff much more interesting than my actual life.

But, having one book published, one they could read and some even held in their hands, makes me different, I guess.

What I'm getting at is ... the one thing I always did, because I don't do well socially with others, is now making me have to be more social with others.


And, that's today's lesson, kids. 


I've got a little Monday surprise!

It's book release day for Melissa Maygrove! Congratulations and best of luck with your book!

Sometimes a single choice 
alters the course of a person's life 

Left behind by everyone she loves...
Rebecca Garvey had the promise of a California future dreams are made of, until the wagon train her family was traveling with left her behind. Now she’s slowly dying in the wilderness, abandoned and stripped of her self-worth. Once the shock of her desertion turns to embittered despair, she doesn’t want to be found. Then a handsome stranger challenges her convictions and changes her mind.
Headed for Texas, chased by the demons of his past...
Seth Emerson knows exactly what he wants. Working to save for a cattle ranch of his own keeps him busy and keeps his pain buried. Rescuing a stubborn woman from the hills of New Mexico Territory isn’t part of his plan—but she’s exactly what he needs.
Making greater sacrifices than either of them could foresee...
Seth and Rebecca set off on a risky journey and a quest for truth, each healing the other’s love-starved soul along the way. Will they give in to their growing attraction?  Or will they honor their commitments when Seth returns Rebecca to civilization... and her betrothed?

Come Back
by Melissa Maygrove
Western Historical Romance
Adult / New Adult
Available May 12th from Truelove Press

Where to find Melissa...

Where to find her book...

Don't forget to add it to your Goodreads.

Cover designed by Carrie Butler,

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Contest starts May 5th and ends at midnight on May 19th.

Winners will be announced on May 21st.

The two prizes are:

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  1. Kind of ironic, isn't it?
    Congratulations, Melissa!

  2. You should take Stormy with you. Another thing to talk about!

  3. Oh my gosh. I can sooo relate. Writing has forced me to be more social, too.

    Thanks for announcing my release! :)

  4. I love Tony's suggestion of taking Stormy with you!

    And you probably already know that I can relate to this post, too. If I had been at any of those games and people talked to me, I would've been under the bleachers.

    Oh, and I love the irony picture.

    Best of luck to Melissa!!

  5. Thanks, MJ.
    We gotta quit meeting like this. LOL

  6. Truly ironic. You need to wear a disguise! Congratulations to Melissa!

  7. I'm anti-social. Virtual society is easier for me.


  8. Congratulations Melissa!
    Heather, that's irony at its best!

  9. Yes, irony abounds in our lives. Successful writing requires public participation - moreso now than ever. And many of us (raising hand) prefer the solitude of quiet home. Good luck with your endeavors!

    Just stopping by on my A to Z post-road trip.

  10. @Michelle - You ARE the blog visit winner! LOL

  11. I'm sure you're very interesting. You talk to ghosts and everything.

  12. I'm sure you're very interesting. You talk to ghosts and everything.

  13. Love that bit of irony.

    And I've been seeing Melissa's book all over the place this week. How great is that?

  14. Thanks for the visit everyone!


  15. I love hearing that, LD. It's evidence of how wonderful the writing community is. :)

  16. As a rather anti-social person myself, I can't tell you how glad I am that I live in Egypt and can't go to book signings or on school visits. Yup. Not pretty, but it's the truth.

    Congrats to Melissa!

  17. Thanks, Lexa.
    (Believe it or not, I'm an introvert, too.)


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