Tuesday, August 12, 2014

When good advice just smacks you in the face.

"Staying down over-thinking about the reason why you fell is wasted time. Just get up and keep moving forwards. If it hurts too much, breath and keep moving forwards. If you want to cry, cry but keep moving forwards. If you need to rest, rest and immediately after, keep moving forwards. The world is not stopping because you do."

Al Diaz -- Father Dragon Al


I read this advice this morning after the wonderful Alex J. Cavanaugh pointed me in the direction of this blog post.

There is a wonderfully funny cartoon drawn by Father Dragon Al and its definitely worth going to check it out. 

What really struck a chord with me, was the the above 'life lesson' he shared for his birthday.

I'm always telling you guys to keep moving forward. I'm always dishing out advice, but never taking my own.

I've been crushed under my own disappointment in not getting that job I really wanted, and for the reasons I didn't get it, that I haven't moved on.

I really need to.

I really have to.

So, Mr. Cavanaugh and Mr. Diaz ... thanks. :)


Speaking of the Ninja Captain, he has a BRAND SPANKING, SHINY, NEW BLOGFEST for you to join!

Go HERE to read all about it and SIGN UP!


  1. I knew you would appreciate both the cartoon and Al's words of wisdom. He is one wise old dragon.

  2. That is excellent advice. Take the time you need to wallow through the disappointment and then move on.

    Speaking of good advice, a blogfest is exactly what I need to get back into the swing of blogworld.

  3. That is great advice. I've cried more than once along my path, but even when I'm crying, I know part of me is struggling onward.

    Stopping ... just isn't possible.

  4. Hi, today visiting via the A-Z Road Trip rather than my blog feed. The quote is deep and wise, but at the time you're right down there wise words are easier to read than to follow.
    Suzanne xx

  5. I'm sorry about the job. I hope you get an even better one. It's difficult to move on sometimes; there are things that I've held on to for years. But moving on really can be a form of release.

  6. You guys are awesome.
    Thank you.


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