Monday, July 6, 2015

It's July, 2015....Do you know where your stories are?

I hope my fellow 'mericans (capital apostrophe) enjoyed their Independence Day weekend.

I found it very enjoyable.

I'm having a little trouble getting back into the swing of things, writing wise. Telling myself to sit my ass down and just write, isn't working. At the moment.

I'm pretty sure things will settle into a routine, but sometimes I hate waiting for that to happen.

I have been reading to fill in the down writing time, so its not a complete loss.

I've mentioned to you guys before that I'm having trouble with the storyline of this book and one of the characters.

I want to do something really big in this story, but I'm not sure I can pull it off, so I'm hemming and/or hawing about it.

Also, I named this character after my niece. I never EVER thought I would be writing a book about her and it's not easy to separate the two people in my head. Yes, it's a romance and that makes it creepy.

I've thought about writing the whole book with another name, but I think I just have to shut up, get over it, and do it.

These damn writer's hangups we have. So annoying.

So, now that I vented all over you guys I better hit the road.

Before I do...if you guys need a little X-Files tease, ET has some production pictures on their website HERE.

Also, the Husband and I are watching Aquarius and it is EXCELLENT. David Duchovny is really perfect for this part and just look at these hot guys and girls in this show!!

I highly recommend it. :)


  1. Heather! Butt in chair. Make it happen.

  2. Maybe you could use a different name in the drafts, then just use Find & Replace when it's all done?

    I watched the premiere of Aquarius. That is one good looking cast.

    Happy Writing/Reading!

  3. I could offer some "make yourself write" advice but since I can't even follow it, it seems a little hypocritical...

  4. I'm with Sarah. I could offer advice, but at times, I really suck at following that advice, so I feel bad offering it. I suppose I could just poke you until you start writing. *pokepoke* ;)

  5. I never name characters after family members. I've seen bits and pieces of Aquarius but haven't gotten into it.
    Susan Says

  6. I'm sure the right inspiration will come eventually. Good luck.

  7. I think it's normal to slow down a bit during the summer. If you need a break, please don't feel bad about taking one.

    The words will come.

  8. Everybody slows down a bit in the summer, don't worry. For the character, maybe try giving her a nickname that you don't associate with you niece. Good luck!


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