Friday, August 14, 2015

Release Day for The Box Of Souls & The Re-opening of The X-Files News!

It's Friday!

Woo and a Hoo!

Let's get right to the good stuff, shall we?

The Box Of Souls 
Family Relics Book 1 by Tanya Miranda

Release Date: 8-14-2015

Publisher: Blue Dragonfly Publishing


Even the darkest magic can't break the bonds of family.

18-year-old Jasmyn secretly resents her family's preference for her 8-year-old sister Katarina. Her jealousy grows when her grandmother, a dying witch, overlooks Jasmyn and chooses Katarina to inherit her magic powers. Although being second-place to her sister is something Jasmyn has grown accustomed to, this rejection wounds her like no other.

When sinister dragons appear along the California coastline, Katarina tries to stop them, but her spells fail. Her family discovers it is because she didn't inherit all of their grandmother's magic and that her grandmother split her magic between the two sisters.

Now, Jasmyn and Katarina must work through their sibling rivalry to stop the menace. Can Jasmyn put her pain and resentment aside to wield her grandmother's magic? The bond of sisterhood is strong, but so are powers of darkness.

Ebook are available at: AmazonBarnes & NobleKoboiBooks, and Smashwords.

Buy the print version direct from CreateSpace.

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The Box Of Souls by Tanya Miranda

The Box Of Souls

by Tanya Miranda

Released August 14 2015
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Tanya Miranda 
Tanya is a dreamer, writer, intergalactic superhero, and a mother of two little aliens posing as human children. Whenever she's not attending a piano lesson, softball game, soccer match, or jiu-jitsu event, she writes novels and short stories. You might find her running a 5K in the morning, drinking a Java Chip Frap in the middle of the day, or taking long walks in North Bergen in search of freshly baked bread and café con leche.

You can find her other work at

Best of luck to you Tanya! I do love this cover and blurb!

The Re-opening of The X-Files News

So, I'm about a season behind on The 201 Days of The X-Files marathon.

Between The HUSBAND working out of the house a bunch lately, The BOY not wanting to watch the episodes with me (he says he isn't scared, but I think he is), and actually writing words in book three of my series, I haven't been able to keep up with the show.

It's driving me crazy! I think today they're watching Season 2-Episode 15!

*frowny face*

There is a lot of information out there about the revival and its all very exciting! The six episodes are shaping up to be some of the best when it comes to who is writing them, and just as important, who is starring in them.

I'm hearing buzzwords like "brutal", "frightening", "most violent", and "disturbing".

And most of these were about one episode!
I love ALL of these words!

I refuse to give out spoilers, but TVLine and Den of Geek are great sources of factual information as opposed to some 'entertainment' outlets that only speculate then try and post that as actual news.
IMDB's page, "Untitled X-Files Revival", is a wealth of information about the cast, crew, and other tidbits, including the episode titles and air dates.

Ep. 1: My Struggle - 1-24-2016
Ep. 2: Home Again - 1-25-2016
Ep. 3: Mulder and Scully meet the Were-Man - 2-1-2016
Ep. 4: Babylon - 2-8-2016
Ep. 5: TBD - 2-15-2016
Ep. 6: TBD - 2-22-2016

Mulder and Scully Lego People? Take my money!

And finally...
Happy Birthday to both David Duchovny (Aug. 7th) and Gillian Anderson (Aug. 9th)!


That's all I've got for this week!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Come back on Monday for 2 great cover reveals!


  1. Congrats to Tanya! If I had the time, I'd rewatch all the X-Files too. Must have Legos now! Have a lovely weekend.

  2. All the best to Tanya, period...

    What is this show you speak, never heard of it... x-wha?


  3. How is it possible that Gillian Anderson looks even prettier than she was when the show first aired??? And here I am cursing my gray hair and fine lines creeping up ;)

  4. Congrats to Tanya!

    It's okay, Heather. Just breathe. You can always catch up. Or you do you have the how memorized, so it's not that big of a deal? ;)

  5. Congrats from me also to Tanya, wonderful cover and a great sounding book.
    I do hope Heather you will be able to catch up eventually on the X Files.
    Have a grand week-end.

  6. Congratulations, Tanya!
    And agree with Cyborg Mom - Gillian looks really hot now.

  7. Gillian is an ageless beauty. I'd be one of those people who lost contact with the world if I started up an x-files marathon. It's tempting....

    Thanks for the shoutout Heather!


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