Monday, January 11, 2016

Should be #amwriting or even #amediting instead of #amprocrastinating.

It's clear to me that I'm not doing my job very well.


I better get back to the manuscript!


David Bowie has left us. I'm heartbroken. I picked an upbeat song to share. Let's celebrate his talents that he shared with us.
 David Bowie - Modern Love

I'll miss you, David Bowie.


  1. He was a good one. I'm sure we'll be hearing his music all over for a while.

  2. That was the first news I saw this morning. So sad.
    The character failure part is hilarious!

  3. Those error pictures are hilarious! I think we all procrastinate quite a bit... I know I do!

  4. Love the error pictures. Given how this edit's going, I can especially relate to the first one.

    Bowie's news was the first thing I saw today. He'll be missed. (Excellent song selection, by the way.)

  5. I saw those error pictures the other day on FB and lol'ed.
    Sad about David Bowie. =(

  6. His death rocked me as well. I think it's okay to give ourselves a few days to process this.

    The work will always be there.


  7. Sad to hear of David Bowie, an excellent choice of yours . May he RIP.

  8. I have the same errors happening with my current short story. First David Bowie and now Alan Rickman. It's been a sad, sad week.


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