Friday, January 15, 2016

Stormy the Weather Gnome greets a new friend.

New Guy: Who the heck are all of you? Why are you all so pale?

StWG: I'm Stormy, this is Sparks, and the guy with the hammer is Fredricks Burg. And, if we're pale it's because it's winter in New York.

New Guy: New York? I'm supposed to be in Florida! Who turned off the heat?

Sparks: When did this guy show up?

Fredricks Burg: *cricket*

StWG: He was delivered at Christmas. He's officially licensed merchandise. They named him Chief Osce-Gnome-a.

Sparks: Welcome to the porch.

Fredricks Burg: *cricket*

Chief Osce-Gnome-a: Point me toward the stadium! And where's the darn sun? It's cold and I don't know what time it is! When's the darn game?

StWG: *cricket* 


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  1. Chief Osce-Gnome-a, sorry, but the games are over. You'll have to wait until next season.

  2. Chief Osce-Gnome-a sounds a lot like my significant other. Which is why I'm now stuck in Florida.

    Enjoy New York, Chief!

  3. I think the Chief is going to be sorely disappointed in NY if he wants warm weather.

  4. Haha! That made me chuckle.

    Welcome to the family, Chief Osce-Gnome-a!

  5. Great post Heather, we're still having wet and windy weather here where I live. Enjoy your week-end.


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