Friday, March 18, 2016

#atozchallenge Stormy's Sidekicks! We put the FUN in dysFUNctional!

HMG: I do mean that with the utmost respect!

Today, we are here to introduce Stormy's Sidekicks. Well, here and the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge Blog.

So, take it away Stormy 2.0!

Stormy 2.0: Hello, amazing blog people! This is my first ever A to Z Challenge and I have THE coolest team to help me! I don't even know how I lucked out the way I did!

StWG: You didn't 'luck out' at all, Funsize. It was all me! And, when am I going to be set back on my feet?

HMG: Stormy. Nice of you to join us.

StWG: Apparently, someone forgot to send me the memo that I was introducing MY Sidekicks today.

Stormy 2.0: You're so PRONE to dramatics. 

HMG: Well, now that you're here, feel free.

StWG: Good. Fine. Whatever.

Stormy 2.0: Yes, if you're so INCLINED!

StWG: So, we have 7 bloggers that couldn't wait to be my Sidekicks this year! Let's get right to the introductions so I can send version 2.No back to the assembly line.

Returning Sidekicks

Suz at Suzi's Ice Box Art. 


Sarah Foster from The Faux Fountain Pen.
Diana Gordon from Part Time Monster!

Brand Spanking New Sidekicks

L.G. Keltner from Writing Off the Edge.

Andrea Casarsa from Maybe it's just me...

Pempi aka SENCO Cat Herder at Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace.

Tamara Narayan at Tamara Narayan, Author.

StWG: My team is going to ROCK the Challenge this year! Prepare to be amazed! Mostly by me, but hey, having these awesome bloggers under my wing couldn't hurt! Them.

HMG: Thank you, Stormy.

Stormy 2.0: Even when you're FACE DOWN, you still LEAN toward full TILT Diva status.

StWG: Watch and learn,  Shrimp-Kabob.

HMG: Yeah Stormy, about this 'laying down on the job' thing you've got going on, we really need to talk.

StWG: Less talk, more glue.

HMG: Fine. I'll see if I can make that happen.


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  1. You will keep that team busy this year!

  2. Hi Stormy 2 ... Stormy One needs some glue ...

    Cheers to one and all - Hilary

  3. Oh, thanks Stormys...I should have tidied my place up a bit for company. ;)


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