Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Do you know what today is? #BookFairDay!

It's Book Fair day at the BOY's Middle School!


Technically, it's Book Fair WEEK!

Double YEAH!!!

I lurve lurve LURVE Book Fair Day!

It's a great way to remind us that...




It's also a great way to share our love of reading with our children!

The BOY already had a look at the book selections. Among other things, he wants the new fiction books by Stan Lee!

You know, the genius behind so many awesome superhero characters. He's in all their movies!

How do I say no to that? I don't!

In Elementary School, we always picked out the books together. I figured that Middle School wouldn't have a Book Fair at all, and if they did, that it would be 'uncool' to have your Mom show up.

But, the very smart people running the show also hold the Book Fair after school. VOILA! I still get to go!

Did you go to the Book Fair when you were in school? 


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  1. You are so correct. Print is NOT dead! Book week is so exciting. My kids always loved it.

  2. I did go to the book fair when I was in school. They ended for me in elementary school, though. It's great you still get to go, and great that you have a kid who enjoys reading.

  3. I did and so did my five children. I LOVE children's books. I helped out at my children's book fairs and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was lucky that my children didn't mind having their mother there helping. They got more books that way. I enjoyed the recent blog hop and connecting with other bloggers online.

  4. I used to LOVE book fairs! It was so fun to pick out books. I think I still had them through middle school.

  5. I loved book fairs when I was in school. The problem was, though, there were too many books and I couldn't get them all.

  6. I usually would go to the book fairs. And usually bought two or three books. As a mom, I didn't like the other little crappy, junky itmes they'd sell. When the kids were really little they'd send home a paper we'd review and select the books, add up our total and send it back with the child with the money. But about middle school they would let the kids just browse and buy. It made me sick to see them waste their money on some of the junky crap.

  7. When I was a kid (ancient 1960s),I loved ordering books from Scholastic Books - I'd bring home the brochure from school and study it, circle my requests, and get approval from my mother. I was rarely denied and she would count out cash for the return envelope. Then it took approx. 2-3 weeks before the books would arrive and the teacher would call out your name. That would be an awesome day.

  8. I don't think we had a Book Fair, but like Joanne above, I remember the Scholastic catalogue. That was always exciting.

    One thing I've always been grateful for is a mother who let me read whatever I wanted, even if it had sex and violence in it. She never censored my reading, and I'm so thankful for that.

  9. I love the idea of a book fair at schools to encourage reading. :-)

  10. Long live being able to write. Great post.


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