Monday, October 10, 2016

Bookography: like a discography, except for books.

Over the weekend, a friend asked about my books because they were slightly confused about the order of them and the availability.

I figured it can't hurt to do a blog post to help clear up any confusion that my blog friends/readers might have.

Maguire's Corner - This book is about Maggie Maguire & Jack Munro. My first published novel wasn't out in the world very long. The small publisher closed their doors and MC was no more.  It's technically book one in the MC series even though at the time I didn't know there would be more than one book to even have a series. It was available in ebook & pbk.

Already Home - This book is about Maggie Maguire & Jack Munro. This is Maguire's Corner 2.0 and it's still book one in the MC series. When it was picked up by the new publisher, they suggested we change the name so there would be less confusion searching for it online. MC got a new name, a new cover, and lots of new edits to make it even more awesome. It's available in ebook & pbk.

One Good Catch - This book is about Kate Maguire & Rhys MacGrath. This is book two in the MC series. The only confusion with this one is that it was published before Already Home/MC was re-published.
It's available in ebook & paperback.

Before We Break - This is a short story that has some of the MC characters in it. It was supposed to be included in an anthology. The now defunct publisher #FailedThisCity and I decided to self-publish it on Amazon.
It's available as an ebook for just 99 cents.

I'm currently (still) working on book three in the MC series with Bobby Maguire. Keep your fingers crossed that I finish the darn thing before I'm too old to type!


  1. That should clear up the confusion!
    I need to make sure people realize CassaDawn is a prequel.

  2. Looking forward to Book Three! I'm sure you'll be finished with it before you know it.

    And thank you for the very kind comment you left on my blog the other day. It certainly doesn't feel as though I'm doing well, but it was nice to hear. :)

    1. Thank you! I hope so!

      Trust me, you're doing better than you think.

  3. Thanks for clearing things up! And bookography is a good word.

  4. Now I can see why there would be confusion. Luckily, Stormy stepped in briefly to help sort things out!

  5. Always good to clear up confusion about your books. ^^

  6. Okay, I got it. Good to know. Annoying how these presses keep disappearing.


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