Wednesday, January 11, 2017

1 YA, 1 Urban Fantasy, 1 Sci-Fi, & 1 Paranormal Romance!

What's that? You have more room on your ereader for a few new books?

That's great news! Check these out!


Starr Lost
Book Two of the Starr Fall Series
By Kim Briggs

ISBN: 978-0-9976212-9-7


A Starr falls, and a family is found.
On the run from the Organization, Starr and Christian find safety on the Qualla Boundary with their friends, Ben and Coda, but Starr needs answers. She owes her dear dead friends, Sami and Jody, that much. She forms a team of her own to fight the general and his recruits.
Di, a mutual friend and anti-everything is a no-brainer, plus her Taser will come in handy. Frank, Starr’s BFF, will put his life on the line for her. Ben and Coda, not to be outdone by Starr’s friends, also swear their allegiance. Christian’s the only hold out. He knows what the Organization is capable of. He has the beaten body to prove it, but when Starr wants something, she gets it.
Now that the team’s together, everything should be perfect. Trouble is Starr loves Christian but so does Di. And Frank, well, he’s never been very good at hiding his love for Starr. Will his four-year long crush on her threaten the safety of the team?
Life becomes tense on the Qualla Boundary, sparks fly, and the Organization is about to smash in their door.

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GIVEAWAY: As a celebration of Starr Lost’s release, Kim is giving away TEN Ebooks of Starr Fall plus one person will win a $25 Amazon card. a Rafflecopter giveaway



Christine Rains - Shattered Spirit (Totem #4) Release!

A haunted house isn’t going to stop Ametta Dorn from doing her job.

Frustrated that her family has left her out of the search for the missing totem tokens, Ametta Dorn loses herself in her work. She’s offered a dream job of a complete interior renovation of a famous Cremaschi house. Not even discovering the house belongs to Lucky Osberg can dampen her enthusiasm.

Lucky’s plan to spend more time with her as she works goes awry when the spirit who protects his home tries to murder her. Ametta won’t be scared off, despite being tempted to run and never come back. She was going to flee Alaska and pursue her designer dreams anyway, yet that means giving up on Lucky and the totem that is just within her grasp.
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To celebrate the release of Shattered Spirit, the first book in the Totem series, Dark Dawning is FREE!

M.PAX - Freefall (Backworlds bk. 7) Release!

Hero is another word for D.E.A.D.

The first shot of a new war echoes through the galaxy. Craze has high hopes for what the alliance with an old enemy, the Foreworlds, will do to defeat a worse enemy, the Quassers.
The test of a highly-advanced weapon, created by the efforts of the alliance, pushes tensions over the brink and kills thousands. To make it worse, the Foreworld ambassador is keeping secrets.

Conventional warfare against the Quassers isn’t working, and if the alliance ends, Craze has become the most hated man in the galaxy for no reason.

With nothing left to lose, Craze sets in motion one last chance for survival.

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Amy Lamont - BEAR TO LOVE 
Kodiak Den, Book #3
(An Alaskan Den Men Mini-Series)
Pre-Order HERE - Available 1-18-2017
Softhearted and rebellious bear shifter Macy Black can’t stand to see any creature, man or beast, in pain. So when her big brother’s two best friends return home from deployment with battle scars that go way beyond skin deep, she makes it her mission to help them heal. But when her desire to help turns to flat out desire, she starts to question everything she thought she knew about love.

Former Special Forces soldiers Nash Dixon and Gage Stone barely made it out of their last mission alive. The only way the two werebears are able to deal with the aftermath is by sticking close together. They both fear the bond they forged in battle may be the one thing that keeps them from finding their true mates.

But when their best friend’s little sister forces her way between them, will they find that’s exactly where she belongs?


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