Monday, March 6, 2017

Admitting your weakness is strength.

Shortly after I wrote my post last week, for IWSG, about not being able to write the last chapters of my book...I started writing.

I didn't finish by any means, but it was more than I'd written in a while. It's also heading in the direction I believe I need to go.

I hadn't wanted to complain about 'writer's block', because I know I've complained about that before, and yet I believe just writing it down and admitting that I was having an issue, helped me get through it.

My point? Well, I think you get my point.

Thank you ALL for your kind words of support! I needed them.

Keep moving forward.


  1. Glad that powered you through it! Keep writing.
    And your sheet of clever quips would not be blank.

  2. Glad you broke the block. Isn't is funny how sometimes after complaining about something is when you finally figure it out?

  3. "It's my list of all your clever quips and quotes." <---Too funny!

    And hooray for progress. So glad you're moving in the right direction now. :)

  4. Glad you broke through the writer's block!
    Writing memes with cats! Does it get any better??

  5. Great to hear that bit of encouragement helped. Goes to show that talking a problem out really can help!

  6. I'm sure you didn't complain, but you told about your frustration and that worked to get you back up and writing. How perfect.

  7. Well done Heather ... glad the spell was broken and you could write on once again ... cheers Hilary

  8. Yeah! Glad you were able to admit the problem and that helped break its hold over you. :) Yeah! Congrats!

  9. Ah, since I'm not a "writer" if I don't write I simply have nothing to say, am not in the mood, too busy, etc. LOL I'm glad the words are flowing for you again my dear.
    Barbara from Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  10. P.S. I only now stopped to read your title! This applies to much, much more in life than just writing.

  11. Heather, I'm so glad to hear that! I hope you've been keeping on in the last week or so and that the words are flowing. Cheese all the way!


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