Monday, October 23, 2017

Books, I've missed you so...& Here's to Campfires and S'Mores by Brooke Moss!

I'm a little distracted.

The local electric & gas company is at my house replacing the original gas line today and they're kind of cute. :) Not warm enough for shirts to come off though. :)

On the other hand, I keep waiting for the house to blow up.

Needless to say, I'm a little anxious.


I'm thankful I saw the movie trailer for American Assassin because it convinced me to go get the book from the library. I liked the first book so much that I'm now on the third in the series. I really love this character, Mitch Rapp, and the stories are great.

The author, Vince Flynn, may he rest in peace (so sad he passed away from cancer), is a fantastic writer, but he head hops like a million times in these books. It's driving me nuts, especially since I used to get yelled at for that all the time by editors. How he got away with it, I have no idea.

Getting to read this much has been awesome. Not that I wasn't reading, but mostly ebook romances that weren't very good and I jumped around in them a lot to find 'the good parts' except I wasn't finding them.

You might think I'm referring to the naughty bits, but my favorite parts of books ... amazing dialogue.

I love banter and fighting and heartfelt admissions and fighting and misunderstandings and fighting. You know, the good stuff!

Carrying an actual, physical book around with me that I can just open and read anytime has been wonderful. I hadn't realized how much I missed it, cause there was a time I had a book on me, one in the car, and one on my nightstand at all times. I read four or five books a week, easy.

Now, I normally I have my writing notebook or something to edit with me or I end up with my eyes glued to my phone, but reading is so much better.

That being said, now that I'm a few books in, I know the movie isn't going to be the same, but it's got some really cute guys in it!

Dylan O'Brien

Taylor Kitsch

Michael Keaton

by Brooke Moss

Buy link: 


Sparks flew the moment fifteen-year-old Molly Kaff and Jamie Burnham locked eyes across the dusty Camp Chimalis parking lot. From that moment, they were undeniably and irrevocably in love.

Until they weren’t.

Months after the demise of their fifteen-and-a-half-year marriage, a mutual friend from those treasured summers at camp dies, rattling their tight circle of friends to the core. Her dying request? Bring everyone back to camp one last time.

Returning proves more emotional than Molly expected. Sweltering heat in un-air-conditioned cabins is just the tip of the iceberg. Memories, both delightful and dispiriting, press down on Molly as she grapples with the momentous grief from the loss of her friend…and her husband.

Trying to honor her wishes with the ex hanging around is one thing, but being stuck in the woods with no cell service and years’ worth of hurt and resentment is another. As Molly tries to navigate her way through the heartache, she starts to wonder if she was wrong about the reasons behind her failed marriage. And if maybe her friend orchestrated their Chimalis homecoming from beyond…

Can a few evenings sitting by the campfire eating s’mores be the salve her battered heart needs to finally move on?


  1. Now that you've read the books, the movie will probably blow even though it's supposed to be decent.
    Maybe we just need that author's editor? Then we could head hop all the time.

  2. Hi Heather - I do hope all goes well with the 'repairs' etc ... I think your idea re reading is why I tend to want to read good books ... and not read other ones ... cheers Hilary

  3. I didn't even recognize Dylan O'Brien when I first saw the American Assassin trailer. And I had no idea that movie was based on a book. The head hopping would probably irritate me, though.

    And I agree with you on the good stuff. Love that banter (and fighting...).

    Hope your repairs go well!

  4. Hope the house is still there. I read a lot in spurts, like when I'm between writing my own novels. Nora Roberts is another famous and excellent writer who gets away with head hopping. Wish I was famous enough to do that but I don't know if I even could after avoiding it for years.

  5. So glad you're enjoying reading more. I went through a reading crisis about four years ago when my husband died and have had trouble reading for the first time in my life. But reading adult books instead of YA and MG for awhile has helped. And I love print books too.

  6. Having work done at home always makes me nervous. We just had our street redone, new lines run to the house, what a mess. Makes you feel so unsettled. Not a movie goer. I don't like to sit at the theaters so wait til I can watch from the comfort of my living room. Campfires bring back good family camping memories, though I never liked smores. LOL

    Traveling Suitcase

  7. Invite the gas guys in, turn up the heat so they'll shed their shirts, then you can ALL go out in a blaze of glory. hahaha

  8. Well, I certainly hope your house didn't blow up. We'll all find out next IWSG for sure. ;)


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