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#IWSG Posting Day & what's that? A Blogfest you say?!?!

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November 1 Question: Win or not, do you usually finish your NaNo project? Have any of them gone on to be published?

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Hello my fellow Bloggers and Blogettes!


It's the day after Halloween and I'm hoping that you have lots of candy to keep you going today because you probably stayed up too late last night either Trick or Treating, hanging at some costume party, or watching a scary movie marathon!

The Boy as Ghost Rider (2017)

Am I insecure this month? Yep.

I'm 99% sure that I have figured out my title for book 3 in the MC series, which is great because I was really starting to wonder if this was just going to be 'Book 3' or 'Bobby's book' for all time.

If I ever want to see this book published, I have to do the other hard parts, like the blurb and the synopsis.

I'm just not very good at them. Really not good at them. Anyone got a magic formula for either of these torture devices?


Happy NaNoWriMo Day you crazy writing peoples! Best of luck and...


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Remakes Blogfest!

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Remakes – most of them suck. Now and then, one comes along that is as good as, if not better, than the original. And after all of the bad ones we’ve endured, we want to know about some good ones.

On November 13, 2017, blog about your favorite remake: movie (or television show into movie and vice versa), song, or book – or all three! Post a YouTube video and links where we can find these treasures. Tell us why THIS remake doesn’t suck!

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  1. Congrats on figuring out a title for book 3, Heather!
    I think your linky list has been swallowed by a Halloween creature! LOL
    Happy IWSG Day!

  2. His Ghost Rider costume is cool.
    I can do a one line blurb, but a synopsis, not so much. It's hard to put a story into just a couple paragraphs and make it sound exciting.
    Hope we get a lot of people joining us for the blogfest.

  3. Hi Heather - love 'the boy' - great costume. The thought of summarising things is so tricky ... good luck - it will come to mind. I hope the blogfest will be successful - am sure it will be. All the best - cheers Hilary

  4. Love those cartoons! Thanks for the giggles. I needed that after my sugar hangover. With temps in the thirties and a school night, we didn't get many trick-or-treaters and now have way too much candy left over.

  5. Love the Halloween cartoons, especially the zombie pinata one. I dread getting to the stage where I have to do a blurb and synopsis. That seems so hard. If you do discover a magic formula, let me know :-)

  6. I love the zombie pinata.

    I named all my books after my characters, so Bobby's Story doesn't sound so lame to me. LOL

  7. He looks suitably menacing! Good luck getting everything together for Book 3. I dread the blurb and synopsis too. You need one line, a hook, that sums up your book - everything else can flow from there. That's tricky to do.

  8. I have a Book 3 also with no clue what it's real name is. There's still time to find it...

  9. The zombie piñata made me did the Baby Ruth.

    I always dread writing a blurb. It's generally the last thing I do on a project because I find them to be so difficult. As weird as it may sound, what I've found that helps is to write a haiku and/or a limerick about the story, and then work on the blurb from that. The poems help me to really focus on what the story is about.

    Also, hooray for coming up with a title. I have a WIP that's just named after the two MCs because I literally cannot come up with anything else.

    Love the Ghost Rider costume, by the way. Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

  10. LOve the Halloween humor. And YAY for coming up with a title. I'm still struggling. I have two and can't decide. Because I'm self-publishing, I'm insecure. What if I pick the wrong title?

  11. Theater makers are turning some popular movies into stage adapted musicals. Those can be good remakes.
    Love the Ghost Rider.
    Good luck on your next project!
    Mary at Play off the Page

  12. Oh, geeze. Thanks for reminding me that I need to do blurbs and stuff, too. And I totally relate about titles. I suck at it, mostly.

    Good luck with yours!

  13. Wow, the Ghost Rider makeup is really impressive. Blurbs and synopses are not my favorite part of the writing process at all.

  14. For my blurbs, I do one paragraph for the heroine and one for the hero and end it with an enticing sentence. For synopses, I pinpoint the opening conflict, the small plot point, mid-plot point, second small plot point, and the climax. I stick to writing about those moments.

    Good luck!

  15. Good luck with the blurbs and synopsis, and thanks you for the cartoons, lovely!

  16. Congrats on the A-HA moment with your title! May the synopsis and "blurb" come to you quickly 😃
    I love Your son's costume....the menacing face is perfect!

    1. the full size snickers cartoon!!!!

  17. Titles are never my strong suit. They take forever to pop into my head. Glad yours did. And thanks for the great Halloween funnies. Enjoyed those a lot.

  18. Biggest thing is make sure it tells the reader what the story is about.

    Blurb: Protag has goal + antag tries to stop them from achieving the goal = clearly defined consequences if they succeed and if they fail. Try to thrown in genre and age of reader.

    Synopsis: Capture each chapter in one or two sentences. You should have two. One 250 words and the other 1/2 that.

    Good luck!

  19. Congrats on coming up with a title! I always have a hard time with those.
    The blog fest sounds fun! I'll have to think of something to share.

  20. Michelle – TY – I had so much trouble w/ the list, but its up now. Thank you!

    Alex – The only thing we couldn’t accomplish was setting his chain on fire!

    Hilary – TY – He is a pretty cute Boy. : )

    Tamara – I have been saving those for years! I love sharing them.

    Cynical – That piñata one cracks me up. If I get the formula, I’ll have to publish it!

    L. Diane – That is true! Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad! : )

    Nick – I do need a hook. I’m sure its in there, I just hate trying to fish them out!

    Jacqui – If I can do it, you can do it!

    M.J. – I love Baby Ruth! : ) I’ve never tried a poem. Hmmmm.

    Em-Musing – Maybe you need to have a poll or contest to help you choose between the two?

    Mary – Yes. I’ve noticed that as well. They can be good remakes!

    Rebecca – Sorry. : ) Blurbs and stuff should be the name of the book I write when I come up with the magic formula!

    Michelle – Thank you! I spent more time on his make-up than I do on mine!

    Chrys – That’s not a bad plan! TY!

    Carole – Glad to share the humor! TY

    Vicki – I hope they do come to me quickly! TY!

    C. Lee – Anytime! Humor is everything. Especially these days!

    Emaginette – Thank you for sharing. It’s never easy.

    Sarah – Yay! I’d love for you to join the Blogfest!!

    Thank you for all the nice comments!!

  21. You all suckered me into the blogfest. Now why'd you have to go do that for? Oh well, I'm not doing NaNo so I should have time.

    Tossing It Out

  22. Glad you figured out a title (probably?)! Love the comics. Organic witch's brew is important, only sourced locally.

  23. Awesome costume! This is the first year my son has went from wanting a cute costume to wanting something scary. He was Bendy from the online horror game, Bendy and the Ink Machine. Yay for coming up with a title! And I'm horrible with synopses as well.

  24. That costume is awesome.

    I have a few stories where I have no idea what the titles are and each time I work on them, I worry I will never figure it out. So, kudos to you for getting that far. Titles are hard.

  25. Great costume! And every socially minded witch should search locally.

    Yay to finding a title! I was really stuck on my last short and simply had my son come up with one. Luckily, I loved his idea.

  26. Blurbs and synopsis seem easy to me, it's the self-edits that drive me crazy.

  27. I'm with you with blurbs and synopsis. I have someone read mine over and tear them apart, then start over. I'm wishing you much inspiration in completing them.


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