Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#atozchallenge - Stormy's Letter A!

Stormy the Weather Gnome

26 Things That Gnomes Can Do
But You Can't


Gnomes can track their lineage
to ancient myths and legends.

You heard me, LEGENDS!

My gnome-cestors might be ancient and mythical but I am  ...  LEGENDARY!!!!

And, I'm an Aries!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You are a legend, Stormy!

M. J. Joachim said...

Personally, I'm not looking forward to getting ancient. But then, I won't look nearly as cute as you when I do, Stormy.

MJ, A to Z Challenge Co-Host
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Effectively Human
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SA Larsenッ said...

Ooh, I'll have to check out those legends! Got to love a good gnome tale.

Sheri at Writer's Alley

Home of Rebel Writer CREED 2014
Mighty Minion Bureau Team #atozchallenge

Andrea said...

You certainly are the stuff legends are made of...in alphabetical order no less!

Brandon Ax said...

Those crazy gnomes and their crazy lineage. lol. This is neat, can't wait to see the rest.

Brandon Ax: Writer's Storm

Laura Marcella said...

Hi, Heather. Stormy doesn't look a day over 100! He's not ancient yet. ;) And I'm sure he has quite a fascinating lineage!

Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

Cathy Kennedy said...

Talk of ancient makes me a little nervous because some days I feel a little ancient. lol

Dragon Tails and Scales said...

This should be legendary.
Fun topic!
Cheers for another A to Z challenge
A Plus!

Teresa Delgado said...

I wish I knew my ancient lineage! Way to go stormy! oh and i am a pisces Teresa From the following sites Fangirl Next Door, Stormy's Sidekick, Quackin Over Disney Geek On!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

LOL! I can go back about 160 years, but that's it.

Tony Laplume said...

Well, this should be fun!

Crystal Collier said...

Hey, I'm pretty legendary too. Yup. Me and my cheese. ;)

randi lee said...

What a fun post! Certainly looking forward to more of these!

cintascorner.com said...

I love gnomes! And I'm an Aries too!

Tina said...

GREAT idea for a theme! Stormy, you are legendary, and your rousing speech yesterday is one of the best uses of a movie quote I've ever heard. That is saying a lot since movie quoting is an Olympic-level sport in my family!
So Stormy, I'm awarding your this (virtual - Jeremy is on hiatus or I'm sure he'd make me a fabulous one...) Gold Medal In Movie Quoting (a little known event in both the summer and winter Olympics!)
Tina @ Life is Good
A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014

Deborah Dera said...

Hahah! Alrighty then, Stormy!

Anoosha said...

Stormy you rock !Wish I could have a cute gnome like Stormy

D.G. Hudson said...

So I'll be interested in what gnomes know, and be back to see if Stormy impresses. . .

Ancient is a good start, and I know a few Aries, you have to keep a eye on them. . .

Chrys Fey said...

Funny post! Oh, and I'm also an Aries. ;) My birthday is on the 12th. :D

Kelley said...

Happy Blog Blitz!!
Those gnomes kinda scare me...

Kelley said...

Happy Blog Blitz!!
Those gnomes kinda scare me...

sjp said...

Too cute :)

Fe said...

Yerss, Stormy. You are most certainly a legend or is that 'leg end'? Sorry Story, couldn't resist...

It's good to see you again.


J. Lenni Dorner said...


I don't know... my tribe is pretty old. But we aren't as well known as you, oh great gnome.

Stopping by from the #atozchallenge !

And have a great blitz day, too!

Masquerade Crew said...

The Travelocity Gnome would be so proud.

Stopping by for the A to Z Challenge. We are highlighting amazing authors this month. Check us out HERE.

Jenni Enzor said...

Thanks for the laugh today, Stormy!
Happy Blitz Day!

Mel Chesley said...

Definitely legendary, Stormy! Happy A-Z Launch day!

Tamara Narayan said...

Stormy! Dude, long time no see. Love the clouds in that picture. Well, I definitely feel ancient and I used to know a cat named Aries, so there you go.

Ida Chiavaro said...

This deserves at least a smiley - at least your not an Alien
Reflex Reactions

Susan Kane said...

Are you a minion?

#352 needs to re-write her address, leave the period out. Found my way anyway.

Susan Kane said...

Is #356 on this or not? no appropriate post...mention of A to Z.

Chrys Fey said...

P.S. Happy early Blitz Day!!!! :D

Sarah Chafin said...

Fun post. Loved the pics!

lillian888 said...

Yay, Stormy! You GO, gnome! Happy Blitz Day to you and Ms. Heather.

Renee DeAngelo said...

I love this post! Quick and fun to read. Looking forward to more.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I have a friend who abhors gnomes. I think I should direct him here. Now. Yesterday. Forever.

I'm feeling sort of ancient. I talk in ancient languages with words like typewriter. Television antaennae (Can't even remember how to spell it!) dial a phone. Record player.


Happy A to Zing!

Julie Jordan Scott
A to Z Challenge Participant/2011,12,13,14.....
The Bold Writer from A to Z

Trisha F said...

Not only is it "A" day here, it's also Blitz day for you! :D Happy day, happy day!

That is one great pic of Stormy with the grey cloudage. Love it. :)

M.C.V. Egan said...

Hello Stormy Aries .. I love Gnomes and decided on short posts this year so I was thrilled to see that your is wonderful and short ! Go Ancient Soul! http://4covert2overt.blogspot.com/

Jamie Barone said...

Super Cute!! Looking forward to following your blog. Kudos to you! ~Jamie, from A-Z Challenge. =)

Beth Harar said...

Happy A-Z AND Blitz Day!

Heather M. Gardner said...

Alex – You know it!!

M.J. – He does retain his good looks.

SA – There are SO many! I had no idea. : )

Andrea – He is stuffed all right! Thank you!

Brandon – So so so crazy! TY!

Laura – He’s been around the block a time or two! Thanks for coming!

Cathy – I feel it, too. I do.

Dragon – Thank you and thanks for coming.


L. Diane – That’s still quite the history!

Tony – Ha! I hope so!

Crystal – Yes! Cheese will be your legacy!

randi lee – Thank you! Hope to see you for B!

cintascorner – Hi! Gnomes are fun and kooky! Mostly kooky!

Tina – Gold Medal in Movie Quoting! That is AMAZINGLY AWESOME!! Thank you! : )

Deborah – Thanks for stopping in.

Anoosha – He is pretty cool. (and annoying.)

D.G. – Uh oh. The pressure to entertain! I hope I pull it off!

Chrys – Nice! Thanks for coming!

Kelley – Blitz? That’s so great! Thank you!

Kelley – So great…twice!

sjp – Thank you!

Fe – Groan! Thank you for coming to see us!

J. Lenni – Great Gnome! Not sure I’ll tell him you said that. He’s got a big head under that hat! TY!

Masquerade Crew – Thank you for stopping in!

Jenni – My pleasure! A Blitz sounds nice!

Mel – Thank you! Thanks for coming by today!

Tamara – We have a lot in common! Thanks for the visit! We appreciate it.

Ida – Thanks for the confidence!

Susan – I sent your two issues on to the tech guys. Thanks for pointing them out!

Chrys – TY! Blitz? Well, that’s 3 times I’ve seen that word. Hmmmm.

Sarah – Thank you! Thanks for coming!

lillian888 – Thank you! Another Blitz mention! I’m thrilled!

Renee – Thanks! I’m glad to hear it!

Julie – I know of all the words you speak, friend. We are in unison!

Trisha – Blitz day! That’s awesome! Thank you for coming!

M.C.V. – Short is his middle name. TY! : )

Jamie – Thank you! I appreciate the visit!

Beth – Awesome! Thank you for coming!

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger (大哥) said...

Happy blitz day, and what a fun start to the A-Z challenge!

Inderpreet Kaur Uppal said...

Happy Blitz day. Your gnome will like this one.
Hope to read all about the gnome.
http:// www.inderpreetkaur.blogspot.in

Nicole said...

This was quite an ambitious post. I can't help but feel teased, yet, I know a few Aries, so I guess we have something in common...maybe. Ha!

Happy A-to-Z Day!


PlanetKimberly said...

I'm glad I found your blog. I love gnomes!

MAJK said...

This should be lots of fun, I absolutely love the theme. I am looking forward to seeing what else Stormy can do that I cannot.

A-to-Z Challenge 2014
Mighty Minion of Co-Host Nicole Ayers
@Safireblade on Twitter

Jessica Marcarelli said...

Haha! So awesome and yet so short. I love it.

Visions of Other Worlds

Roshni said...

But, that's gnominal, right?! :P

Inderpreet Kaur Uppal said...

The naughty little gnome! Fun fella he is. Hope bright sunshine come to you soon and Yes! You have been blitz'd.


Andi-Roo TheWorldForRealz said...

bahaha! I love garden gnomes. Can't wait to see what else Stormy has in store for us. I'm going to start telling people my descendants are legendary and see where that gets me...

Michelle Wallace said...

Stormy is the most famous gnome of GnomoVille/GnomoLand!
Absolutely gnome-tastic
Happy Blog Blitz Day!
Writer In Transit

Lilica Blake said...

Hey Heather!! Happy Blog Blitz Day to you! Enjoy the A to Z Challenge! Although I can't participate this year, I'm proudly sporting the Supporter Badge on my Blog!! :) Enjoy the rest of your blitzing! I'm going to continue some more of my IWSG co-hosting duties before I get some shut-eye! :D Lily - Eva

Heather Musk said...

Loving Stormy the Gnome. This is my first visit over here but I'll back to see what else gnome's can do.

Happy Blog Blitz!

Erin L. Funk said...

Happy Blog Blitz Day to Stormy the Weather Gnome! Not sure if you can do magic Stormy, but if you can, please send some spring weather up north to Canada! :D

Comley Charlotte said...

Fab or should I say 'A'mazing! Nice to connect and follow an AtoZ organiser.
Twitter: WriterBizWoman

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Legend....wait for it....dary

Carolyn Brown said...

Happy Blitz Day and yes you are a Legend, Stormy!

barbtaub.com said...

Happy blitz to you and Stormy!

DL Hammons said...

Between this post and the next, I'd say you and Stormy are going to be busy!! :)

You've been BLITZED!!


Susan Stuckey said...

Go gnomes :-) Happy #Blitz to you and Stormy!

Heather M. Gardner said...

Duncan – Thank you! Happy to have you here!

Inderpreet – Stormy is loving all this blog LOVE! TY!

Nicole – Thank you. We are going w/ the less is more theory!

PlanetKimberly – I’m so glad cause I’ve got two!!

Majk – I hope I can keep you well entertained!

Jessica – Thank you! I appreciate you stopping in!

Roshni – Groan. Groan. Groan. : ) Thank you for that!

Inderpreet – I feel blitzed blessed!

Andi-Roo – You have to say it in CAPS though! Good luck!

Michelle – Thank you! He appreciates that, SO MUCH!

Lilica – Wonderful! Thank you for coming! Support of all kinds is awesome!

Heather – The gnome is wily. Be careful! You might fall for him. : )

Erin – As soon as we get some spring in NY we will send it your way. Heat is still on in my house. BRRRRRRR.

Comley – Thanks for coming today! Nice to meet you too!

A Daft Scots Lass – So nice to hear from you again!!!

Carolyn – Thanks so much! I love the BLITZ!

bartaub.com – Thank you! Thanks for the visit!

DL - YOU ROCK! Thank you so much for choosing me! What an amazing surprise! TY!

Susan – Gnome RULE! Thank you! Appreciate your time!

This is really wonderful! Thanks for the comments and the blitzing!

Christine Rains said...

Yes, you are legendary, Stormy! :)

Fil said...

Great blog! Can't wait to see what he comes up with next .... I think Stormy would need tying down here today too. :)

Fil said...

Great blog! Can't wait to see what he comes up with next .... I think Stormy would need tying down here today too. :)

bemuzin.com said...

Awww Hub is an Aries, and he's legendary in my life. It's gonna be epic tracking Stormy through the stormy month of April showers.

Brenda Williamson said...

Love Gnomes. I have a bunch of them doing things in my garden.



Arlee Bird said...

Yay Stormy and Yay Heather! You all are rocking this Challenge!

Thanks for everything you've been doing.

Wrote By Rote
An A to Z Co-host blog

Heather M. Gardner said...

Christine – He likes to think so! Thank you for coming!

Fil – Thanks for stopping in from windy Ireland!

bemuzin.com – I hope so. No pressure, right? : ) TY!

Brenda – Thank you! Thanks for coming over to visit!

Arlee – I have so many great teachers! Thank you and your awesome team!


scruffy-duck.net said...

So much win. We want Gnomes in our garden but are caught up in Chicken Coup Fever right now.


Rhonda Albom said...

oh, this is an exciting visit. Stormy is back and it's a blitz day for you both :)

Blogwati Gee said...

The Blitz comment Fairy drops by~

Happy to discover your blog and to even know that you are a fellow A to Zeder. Your theme is intriguing and I am going to keep coming back to the great gnome for nuggets of sage advice. Good luck!

Heather M. Gardner said...

scruffy-duck - With real chickens? Okay, that could be fun! TY!

Rhonda - It's very exciting! Thanks for coming by!

Blogwati Gee - Thanks so much! I appreciate the visit!


Kathe W. said...

awesome and happy belated birthday!

Jessica Shipman said...

I love your theme idea! Looking forward to more gnomes!

Jessica | Beagles and Bargains