Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#atozchallenge - Stormy's Letter B & the April #IWSG post!!

Stormy the Weather Gnome

26 Things That Gnomes Can Do
But You Can't 


Gnomes can be extremely insensitive.
But, they always have their reasons.

Yeah, like the time I was left outside during that hurricane.

It was so windy the 'blog lady' tied me to the porch so that I wouldn't blow away and miss reporting the weather.

Now she knows why all her plants died in the front yard that summer.



Blogging from A to Z April Challenge-2014. 


The Insecure Writer's Support Group post is also due today! 

Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!

I've been so high on this A to Z buzz that I haven't even had time to be insecure about the fact that my book is 99.9% done but still sitting on this computer and not out with you guys. But, it will happen. I know it. I just need a little...patience.


Also...I saw the word 'Blitz' mentioned in a few comments yesterday. Thank you for taking the time to come and see me and Stormy! You know he loves the extra attention. :)


  1. Very interesting and informative!!!

  2. I love that pic of stormy tied to the porch! Boorish is a great word! Here's another great 'B' word- BLITZ! Happy Blitz day!

  3. Gnome bondage - LOVE IT! hahaha.
    Happy Blitz Day!!!

  4. Well, you're gonna see that word "blitz" a lot more today. Happy Blitz Day! Enjoy.

    Have fun with the rest of the A-Z challenge, and good luck with your book.

  5. Oooh, Stormy, you are not to be crossed!

  6. Happy blitz and A to Z. You made me laugh out loud, or rather Stormy did. Have a Beautiful Day

  7. Ha! Love it! :)

    Stopping by from the Blitz!

  8. Stormy, sometimes sacrifices must be made!
    Yeah, I know how you feel about the writing.
    And yes - happy Blitz Day!!!!

  9. hahahahaha epic theme! Our gnome has his own secret life as well!

  10. How appropriate that "B"litz day is today! I think it's sad that every time I see a gnome now I automatically think of Travelocity, but I guess that's good marketing on their part. Is Stormy your one and only or does he have friends?

  11. Glad you didn't blow away, Stormy.

    Happy Blitz Day!

  12. Well, I guess there are worse thing. You could have been put in a box somewhere. lol

    It must a catching thing. All our books are stuck waiting for us to do something with them.

    Happy Blitz Day!!!

    Brandon Ax: Writer's Storm

  13. Woo! Happy official Blitz day! I'm so glad that Stormy didn't blow away in that hurricane ;)

  14. 99.9% done? How can you even sleep at nights, knowing you're that close. Keep working until that story is out there! I know you can do it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  15. Happy blitz day! I don't have any garden gnomes but I don't exactly have a garden either. ;)

  16. It's better that the plants died than you, Stormy! :)

    Enjoy your Blog Blitz, Heather!!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  17. iamstri – Thank you! Thanks for stopping in!

    Creepy Query Girl – That was a real hurricane too! Thanks for coming!

    Vicki – Well, yes. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but will from now on! : ) TY!

    Susan – Thank you! And thank you for taking the time to come see us today!

    Andrea – He’s pure evil. Well, some resin, but lots of evil. TY!

    Joanne – Stormy can have that effect on people. TY!

    Madeline – TY! So nice of you to hang with us today!

    Alex – We need a writing sabbatical! Thank you so much for all your support!

    Zoe – Stormy has more of a life than I do! : ) Thanks for coming!

    Kim – Stormy is one of two that we have here at the house. The other is a fire gnome we call Sparks. There is a mini-Stormy that we call Spritz but he's at my sisters. It’s kind of a family thing now. Thanks for coming!

    L. Diane – It was close! Very close. Thanks for stopping by!

    Brandon – Yeah. We need to get back to the writing. All this fun social media stuff need to wait! Thanks for the blitz!

    Sarah – TY! He’s a lucky gnome that one! Real hurricane, too! Thanks for coming!

    Chemist Ken – I know. It’s sad. It’s sitting right here. Staring at me. Stupid MS. Thanks for coming to see us!

    Kelly – Yeah, I’ve got the gnome but gardening … not my thing. Thanks for coming!

    Laura – Ha! He will LOVE that! Thank you for coming!


  18. Happy Blitz Day! Love your post for the A to Z Challenge, too. Made me laugh! :D

  19. Better be careful how you treat that gnome ... or your plants may die again this year :)

  20. I don't have any gnomes. If I get some, will they weed the garden? I only want the weeds to die. I have hired men who instinctively know which plants are weeds because they leave them to grow and pull up the pretty flowers. Some men seem to have a missing gene when it comes to flowers. This is a cute blog.

  21. I think you're justified in that situation, Stormy. Happy Blitz Day! :)

  22. Hysterical! And that picture is just priceless!

    Happy Blitz day!

  23. Bad bad blog lady - ha!! happy blitz day, Heather

  24. The indignity of being tied down. He's not married, darn it!

  25. Hahaha! So glad Stormy's back in action.

    B is also for Blitz...Happy Blitz Day!!

  26. Gotta tell you, when I saw you'd be having your Blitz on B day, it made my nerdy little heart smile :)
    Happy Blitz day, awesome co-host!

  27. 99.9%??????? Come on!! Get that puppy done. :)

  28. 99.9% done is great. Congrats on reaching that. Happy Blitz Day!

  29. It's a late blitzer!!! Go figure, I'd be a day late...shocking I know.

    My son used to love gnomes, and I suppose he still does when he's not obsessing over teen things. We also live near Amish country. We took him there when he was a wee fella and he thought he was suddenly in the land of gnomes.

    Poor Stormy. Tied to the porch. I'd have killed your flowers too!

  30. you tied him to a post! WHAT! haha well he is one loyal pal and I am proud to be his sidekick :) Teresa visiting from the following sitesFangirl Next Door, Quackin Over Disney, Stormy's Sidekick Geek On!

  31. Happy blitz day! Love the idea of the A-Z keeping us all so distracted we don't have time to feel insecure!

  32. Having anything 99.9% finished deserves a pat on the back. Having a book in that stage deserves a celebration.

    Happy Blitz Day and Happy B Day on the good old A to Z!

  33. From the A - Z Buzz, to the IWSG to the Blog Blitz today...all I can say is ride the wave, and don't let anyone or anything tie you down! This promises to be one heck of a good time, Heather! Happy Blitz Day to you!

  34. tripple whammy: I'm here for the A to Z Challenge, the IWSG post, and to blitz you!

    What an exciting day for you and Stormy. And yes...bummer all the plants died lol

    Patience for a 99.9% finished book...I know the feeling. Mine isn't at that point yet but patience is needed. Sigh.

    Happy Blitz Day ;)

  35. I busted out laughiung when I saw Vicki's comment about Gnome bondage. LOL!!!!!!

    Are we having BLITZ fun yet?

  36. Love Stormy... I guess threatening him with a table saw earlier got him to thinkin'...! Cheers!

  37. Gnomes are great! :-) Happy Blitz Day to you!

  38. Good luck with your writing on this Blitz Day--love the gnomes!

  39. Ha, love your AtoZ post. Happy Blitz Day!


  40. Stormy tied to the porch is classic. Happy Blitz!

  41. Happy Blitz Day! Yes, gnomes can be a bit boorish, but it's part of their charm!

  42. Blitz is a good "B" word too . . . ~MPL

  43. B is for BLITZ DAY!!! Thanks for allowing Stormy to post during the A to Z Challenge - I can't wait to hear more from him! And, since I'd never visited your blog before, I enjoyed poking around a bit - cheers from a fellow cat addict, sarcasm user and supporter of zombie equal rights. Toodles! marci (

  44. Bummer + Karma = Barma or Kummer. Which does Stormy like?

  45. Poor Stormy! What a traumatic way to have to report the weather! :D

  46. Stormy could do the weather report on the evening news!

  47. I am glad Stormy survived the storms even it it meant he had to be restrained!

    Happy Blitz Day :)

  48. I love your theme! Made me smile.

    Happy Blitz Day! Congrats on the almost finished book, too.

  49. Oh my gosh! We kept our gnome in the house...but he always stared at me every direction I walked, so he got put outside. His toe was broken. I'm not sure what mischief he was into!

    Happy Blitz Day!

  50. I love the photo of your gnome tied to the post. Hmm. Did he curse your plants? (I wonder if a gnome cursed my grass. No matter how much time and money I pour into it, my lawn grows only weeds.)

    Happy Blog Blitz Day!

  51. What a time for a blitz, eh? Double the comments, double the fun.

    Boorish is something we don't want to be if we're self-promoting or ever if we want to be nice.

    Hope you're having fun!

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  52. I love your gnome!

    Happy Blitz Day!

  53. Hi Heather. Enjoyed visiting your blog, as a whole, as well as reading this post, and of course meeting Stormy was super cool.
    Silvia @

  54. Gnomes rock! Good luck with the challenge to both you and Stormy!

  55. Yes, that book will happen. You're almost there! Happy blitz day.

  56. Hey Heather - I have one of those gnomes on my front porch (the Travelocity dude, right?) but we leave ours outside all winter and he's, um, a little worse for wear. I hope he doesn't call Gnome's Aid on us.

  57. Always be nice to a Gnome! Happy Blitz Day!

  58. I guess I'll have...gnome ore problems after reading this.

  59. B is for BLITZ. So, happy Blitzer day, my friend:)

  60. Love your posts, Stormy! You can be Boorish, but you're totally not Boring!

  61. I have always wanted to get a gnome for my yard. Happy Blitz Day!

  62. Good job with the little gnome, Heather! He's so cute and so is the story. Happy Blitz Day!

  63. – Thank you! Glad you came.

    Carmen – Yeah. It’s the chance we take around here. : )

    Barbara – I wish he did some work in the yard! I stink at yard work. Thanks for coming.

    Christine – Always sticking up for the GNOME! – TY for blitzing!

    Marcia – Thanks! Love that you stopped in!

    Beverly – Thanks for coming and the blitz!

    Karen – I am. I admit it. Bad blog lady. TY!!

    Tony – HA! That’s freakin’ funny. TY!

    M.J. – He is having a great time! TY!

    AJ – MINE TOO! DL couldn’t have planned it better! TY!

    Terri – I know. I know. It’s looking at me with sad eyes. : ( - Thanks for coming!

    John – Thanks for stopping in today!

    Cherie – I appreciate that. Thank you so much!

    Elizabeth – Gnomes. They’re growing on me! : ) Thanks for coming!

    Teresa – I’ve done worse to him than that! Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have said that! Thanks for being on our team! You rock! HMG

    Deniz – Ha! Ain’t that the truth! Thanks for coming.

    cleemckenzie – Well, thank you. That’s nice to hear. Thanks for the Blitz!!

    M.J. – I am riding that wave! It’s awesome and crazy! Thanks so much!

    S.K. – I’m having a blast! Thanks so much for the comment and support!

    DL – Gnomes in bondage! I had no idea! Sir, I am drowning in wonderfulness! Thank you so much!

    Veronica B – He’s sufficiently chastised. (not really) : ) Thank you!

    Christina – Thanks. Gnomes are great, and they know it! - Thank you! Gnomes love you, too! – That’s great! Thank you for coming! And blitzing!

    Julie – He never complained at the time. : ) TY!

    L.G. – Well said. And, thank you!

    Melanie – Thanks for stopping by!

    M. – It worked out great! Thank you!

    Marci – We love the visit! Thank you for coming and spending some time with us! – Barma. For sure! TY!

    walkersvillemom – He prevailed. He’s a pretty tough cookie! TY!

    David – He’s forecast is about the same 50/50 shot as the news! TY!

    Chippy – Thanks so much!

    You guys are ALL the best! SO many wonderful comments. As I’m typing this, new people are writing to me. I told DL that I am drowning in wonderfulness! TY!

  64. Oh gosh, not sure I shouldn't be reporting you to the Department for the Misuse of Gnomes ;)
    Happy blitz day!
    Suzanne @Suzannes Tribe

  65. Happy Blog Blitz. You tied up your gnome and left him out in a hurricane? I've heard that gnomes tend to hold a grudge. : )

  66. Heather, it's been such a pleasure working with you this challenge :)

    All the best with the Blitz, and hope to see your book soon!

  67. Heather, it's been such a pleasure working with you this challenge :)

    All the best with the Blitz, and hope to see your book soon!

  68. For some reason I keep forgetting IWSG! Aahahahhggggg!

    You've been blitzed, by the way.

  69. Suzanne – That he was. That he was. Thanks so much for coming today!

    Miranda – Thank you! Hopefully it will remain funny! Thanks for the visit!

    Ashley – Just one toe? Mine lost his whole base! They are sneaky! Thanks for your comment!

    Connie – I think he might have pee’d on the plants but I have no proof. Thanks for the blitzing! : )

    Arlee – I’m having a grand ole time! It’s been an amazing two day! Thank you, sir!

    Kate – He loves you, too! Come back for more! TY!

    Silvia – Thanks so much! I appreciate your time. TY!

    Siv – Thank you! You ROCK, too! – So close. So close. It’s staring at me! Thank you for your time today!

    Cathy – Stormy is usually outside. He has a little wear too but it gives him character. Something has to! TY!

    Amy – It’s true. We learned that the hard way! TY!

    Stephen – UGH! You are going in the Groan pile! TY for coming!

    Ink in the Book – Thank you. I’m blessed with the blitzes today!

    Lisa – Ah, the slight distinction is made. Well played. TY!

    april – You should! Go now! Thank you for coming!

    Deanie – Thank you! I appreciate that! Thanks for coming!

    Michelle – Thanks. Wonderful that you came by to see us today!


  70. I don't know, Heather. I've met a few people who could out do gnomes in boorish.

    Yay on having the book 99.9% FINSHED. Instead of having 99.9% to write so you can finish it. The break for A-Z will let you come back with a refreshed spirit and finish it up.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  71. Hi, Heather! Happy Blitz Day! I hope it's been a fabulous day! :)

  72. oh, gnomes. haha. Happy blitz day!!

  73. Here's another B word for you today - Blitz! I love the shot of Stormy tied to the porch.

    AJ's AtoZ wHooligan
    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

  74. Your gnome is awesome. (Have you seen the movie "Gnomeo and Juliet"? I think you'd love it!)

    Happy Blitz Day! :)

  75. Happy, happy Blog Blitz day, m'Lady :)

    Seumas GALLACHER

  76. Good luck with the AtoZ Challenge and Happy Blitz day!
    Elizabeth @

  77. Yup, a continuation of the blitz.

    You totally cracked me up. Thanks for that. Oh, and thanks to the gnome as well. (Hello, Gnome!)

  78. love the gnomes!

    Happy Blitz day!!

    Timothy S. Brannan
    The Other Side, April Blog Challenge: The A to Z of Witches

  79. Happy blitz day and glad Stormy survived the hurricane though he looked like he was being held hostage.

  80. B is for Blitz. You're porch gnome is adorable and I love the theme for your posts!

  81. Ah. My manuscript is waiting for my attention as well. If only there were more hours in a day! :) A-Z and IWSG all in one day!

  82. Loved the post and also the Gnome. Happy Blitz day :)

  83. I love your Gnome theme. That is so cute. Congrats on being near the end of the book. I am just starting with mine. I am taking it through NaNo. Happy Writings

    Juneta at Writer's Gambit

  84. Love the gnome idea! Happy Blitz! :-)

  85. Funny pix of the gnome all tied up! Well, now you can on with finishing your 1 percent of the story that you still have left to do.

  86. I *love* your Theme! How cute! Happy Blitz Day!

  87. Stormy revenge....

    Happy Blitz Day!

  88. Happy Blitz Day! I need to do my ISWG post as well. Oops. :-) Enjoy your day.

  89. I am late on the blitz, but that is just fine. I got to read about a gnome tied to a pole. I wouldn't have got that yesterday:)

  90. Happy blitz day! :) Being too busy to be insecure is a good thing!

  91. Glad to see its going so well . . .

  92. Don't make gnomes angry got it. Your book will get out there, patience is key. Happy Blitz Day.

  93. Love the travel gnome - great theme. Blogging A to Z is a blast. And happy blitz day.
    Marlene at On Writing and Riding

  94. Our gnome, Maurice, was buried alive by snow for the last two months. First his hat reappeared, then his face tried to escape the snow. He got covered a few more times, but now he's free!

    Happy Blitz day!

  95. Stormy is probably the only gnome I like this much. Dragon Hugs and Happy Blitz Day!

  96. I am gnome for my humor, but you had me cracking up here, Heather.

    Love this idea for your A-Z and I'm sure it will be a gnome run :)

    Gotta go (Oh, and happy Blitz Day, too:)

  97. That picture is hilarious, he certainly got his revenge!
    Happy Blog Blitz!

  98. I like Stormy and I like his philosophy on life!

    Oh, happy Blitz Day! Blitz and A to Z all at's almost too much to take in, right?

  99. LMAO! OMW! That is too funny! Blog Lady, you are mean!

  100. Very cute post :) Happy Blitz!!!

  101. What a hoot!

    Happy Blitz (B) Day!

  102. Yep, you've been Blitzed and surpassed the century mark in comments. Congrats!

  103. LOL so wrong tying the poor fellow to a post! ::snort::

    Happy A to Z-ing!
    My A to Z:Body Beauty.

  104. Poor Stormy! All tied up and nowhere to gnome...uh, roam. Love it!

    Happy Blitz, Heather!

    VR Barkowski

  105. Love this post! Poor Stormy all tied up in a hurricane :(

  106. My garden gnome says hi! Happy blitz day!

  107. Poor stormy out in the storm, but I guess he was lucky to be tied in place.

  108. I should have tied my gnomes down. They either ran away or were stolen by the neighborhood kids. I'd like to think they left for some adventure, like the Roaming Gnome.

  109. Love that you tied Stormy to a post to keep him from blowing away! Will he ever forgive you? :)

    Happy Blitz and good luck with A to Z! I'll be stopping back in for sure!

  110. Happy Blitz Day to you and Stormy!

  111. I wonder if I have an invisible gnome because my sunflowers didn't do so well last year...or maybe I made Stormy mad and he cursed them from afar...
    Yes, you've been totally ROCKING THE A-Z as a co-host. You are totally amazing and I'm so glad we have you! You slipped right in and fit right in and have been working your butt of since the start. It's much appreciated. And yes, it's Blitz time. We're just all in different time zones...
    I got Blitzed last week and it was so great! I hope you're enjoying your "flurry" of comments. And maybe they'll make Stormy forgive you for the hurricane thing...or not. (Don't tell him I said so, but he does seem to have some stubborn qualities...but perhaps that's gnome genetics...)
    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014

  112. Haha! I love your theme!! Gnomes are so cool and great!! Happy blitz day!!

  113. B is a good day for a blitz, isn't it? Congrats on getting your book 99.9% done. That last little bit is tough. When I write I never seem to get to the point of being satisfied. Keep at it!

  114. Happy Blitz, Heather! You gnomes are adorable and what wit you have!

  115. B is for Blitz! Congrats Heather-your gnome is adorable and I bet he forgave you~

  116. My silly phone isn't letting me leave a comment. But I wanted to say, you're funny! You should consider subbing to UFO, the humor anthology for spec did writers, next year!

  117. Happy Blitz Day. to Stormy and Heather! Enjoy your A to Z! :-)

  118. Gnomes! I was at a conference in CO this past weekend and met Chuck Sambuchino and his "How to Survive a Gnome Attack" book. LOVE your theme.

    Corinne O'Flynn-->blog

  119. Wow, A-to-Z, IWSG and blitzed all on the same day. Bet the gnomes didn't see that one coming. :)

  120. Huh. Yeah, Gnomes can be pretty boorish!

    Happy Blitz!

    anna @ Deeply Shallow

  121. Great to hear how things are on the Gnome Front! Happy Blitz Day!

  122. Sia – That sounds great! Refreshed and finish! TY for coming!

    Abby – It’s been amazingly fabulous! Thanks to you guys! Thank you!

    Beth – TY so much for stopping in today!

    TaMara – That picture seems to be a hit! TY!

    Jaimie – I have seen the movie, but don’t tell Stormy! Thanks for the visit!

    Seumas – Thank you, sir! You have a wonderful name!

    Elizabeth – Thank you so much! I appreciate the visit!

    Crystal – Thanks! I’ll pass on you hello to the Stormy!

    Timothy – Thanks! I’m so glad you came by today!

    Susan – Hostage. Bondage. So closely related! Thanks for coming!

    Sarah – Thank you. I hope I can keep them humorous!

    Margo – Weren’t we promised time turners by now? TY!

    Khushboo – Thank you! Thanks for the blitz!

    Juneta – Best of luck with your book! Thanks for coming!

    Lori – Thanks! He seems to be popular! : )

    Catherine – It’s very close. I just need to focus. Oh, look, a chicken! TY!

    Zan Marie – Thank you! I hope you’ll visit again!

    Theresa – A gnome scorned! Thanks for coming!

    dawnall – Thank you! Glad I could help. : )

    Robin – Well, that’s a really good point! Glad I made it interesting for you! TY! : )

    Emma – It so is! It’s nice to have a break, honestly! TY!

    Rob – Thank you! I appreciate that!

    Sheena-kay – Yeah, lesson learned! Thank you!

    GSMarlene – Thank you! Thanks for coming!

    Michelle 4 Laughs – Stormy was lucky. He was on the porch! Thanks for coming!

    Al – He and I both appreciate that! Thank you for stopping in!

    Mark – Oh! Oh! Groan! Thank you, Mark! Thanks for coming!

    Laura – He does. All the time! TY!

    Lynda – It’s been a wonderful 2 days! Just wonderful! TY!

    SM – I do try. Well, I guess it’s pretty easy! TY!

    Abs – Thank you! Thanks for taking the time to come by!

    Bish – Thank you! All three times! Thank you!

    Stephen – It’s the very first time…EVER! Thanks so much for coming!

    Herding Cats – Burning Soup – It was for his safety! Really! TY!

  123. Happy Blitz Day, Heather! That's one talkative gnome you have there!

    LuAnn Braley
    AJ's Hooligans @AtoZChallenge
    Back Porchervations

  124. Poor Stormy, tied up to the post like that! Is there a Gnome Protection Agency we can notify?

    Great post Heather. :) and oh yeah Happy Blitz Day!

  125. Now THIS is a busy blog post. Happy Blitz Day to you and your gnome!

  126. I’m sorry I missed you guys in the list!

    Suzanne Sapsed – That is a very serious department! TY!

    Jeff – He is, he really is! Thank you for coming!

    AtoZ – Thank you! The feeling is mutual! I hope to see my book, too! TY!

    Lauren – Go spread some IWSG love! TY for stopping in!

  127. VR – Groan! You are off to the groan pile! TY!

    TheCyborgMom – He liked it, don’t let him tell you different! TY!

    Kimber – Stormy and Sparks say hello back! Thanks for coming!

    Rhonda – HOWDY!! He’s a lucky gnome for sure! Thanks for the visit!

    Lee – I hope they are on an adventure, too! Thanks for coming!

    Kristin – It was for his safety, but he probably won’t! TY!

    Lara – Thanks so much!

    Tina – He just might be able to curse from afar! Thanks for the nice words. You guys are great teachers. Thanks for all the support! I’m on a serious blitz high! -- HMG

    Dani – Thank you! I’m glad that you came today!

    #1Nana – I will keep at it if you do! Thanks for coming today!

    KellieS – Thank you. I appreciate that!

    Ella – I hope so. I’m bound to make him mad again. TY!

    Petre – That’s a lovely compliment! TY!

    Anonymous – Thank you! I am really enjoying the last two days!

    Corinne – HE’S THE BEST! That’s so cool! Thank you for coming!

    Jeff – He certainly didn’t see it! Neither did I. I feel blitz blessed! TY for the visit!

    Anna – Thank you! He’s got his moments!

    Tim – He has his own front, too? Yeah, he probably has it all! TY for coming!

  128. LuAnn – There is no stopping him! TY!

    kmckendry – The GPA! How did you know about them! TY!

    Dannie – It’s an amazing day! Thank you so much for coming!

    K. Nowinsky – Thank you!

    Johnell – I appreciate that! Thank you!


    This has been an amazing two days. I hope I didn't miss anyone in the list! Thank you ALL! HMG

  129. Lol about the gnome :)

    Happy Blitz Day!

  130. What a fun theme! Stormy, I'm glad you finally gave Heather an idea, but you could have given her a little more lead time. Blogging is hard!

    Happy Blitz Day, Heather and Stormy!

  131. Love Mr. Gnome! (will this address incite favor w/him?) Also, a fun A-Z theme. And Happy Blitz!

  132. I love the word boorish. Wrote it into White Hellebore although the character that used it didn't use it properly and her sister corrected her. :)

    Happy blitz day!

  133. Kimberly – Thank you! I appreciate the visit!

    Candilynn – If I tell him that, he will agree with you! TY!

    Amanda – It was close. I’m still doing a post a night! Hopefully I can catch up! TY!

    Leandra – Yes, he loves LOVE! TY for coming!

    Enchantress – Thank you! I can’t wait to get it out my computer!

    Nicole – It’s a great word! Thanks for coming!

  134. Yay on being so close to being done!

  135. Love the gnome! I'm participating in both A to Z and IWSG (new to both)too. Happy Blitz Day!

  136. I don't A-Z anymore (I just found I get bitter about my blog by about letter R), but I do cheer others on when I can. Good luck with your challenge.

    And Happy Blitz.

  137. Happy blitz day and good luck getting that project done.

  138. Almost missed it! Happy Blitz Day!

    Great A to Z posts!

  139. Happy Blitz Day!

    My paternal grandparents used to have garden gnomes, and a bunch of other garden statuettes. Now that it's just my grandma, the yard and garden are a shadow of what they used to be, and the gnomes are inside.

  140. I'm not doing the A to Z this year. If it were not for DL and the Blitz thing, I would have missed Stormy and his boorishness. I almost felt sorry for him, but naw...I mean how is he honna do the weather from inside. At least you tied him down. You could have done what we did with our patio furniture during a hurricane - throw it in the pool.

    Enjoy the rest of A to Z and bring blitzed!

  141. Happy Blitz Day, Heather!!

    I love your gnome Gnome that weird? ?

  142. I think Stormy is loving being blitzed :)

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  143. Thanks for being an A-Z host and Happy Blitz Day.

  144. Very cute idea with the gnomes. Came in a bit late on the blitz, but I am glad I came by to check out your stormy gnome. God bless, Maria

  145. Katie – Thank you! It was a great two days!

    Tonja – I know! It’s starting to give me evil looks! TY!

    Donna – Not one boorish moment! TY!

    melissajanda – Great job! It’s fun, right! TY!

    Charmaine – Well, thanks for coming here! I’ll think of you at R! : )

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  146. Better late than never! Now I am getting the hang of the blog blitz, and what fun to be greet by a Gnome. Keep those Gnome posts coming.

  147. Aaargh, no, I don't need to preview, I'm perfect. That would be "greeted" by a gnome.

  148. What an excellent idea for a blog theme! And you know, 99% is better than 50%. :)
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  149. I'm late for the blitz, sorry Stormy! Sounds like you all are rocking the A-Z challenge this year, have fun and enjoy. :)

  150. Just wanted to wish you a belated Happy Blitz Day Heather!! :D

  151. *Gasp!* Tied to the post. Poor Stormy. As for your insecurity, I'm right there with you. Sooo close to being done! And not getting it out there. Someday, as you said.

  152. I'm highly enjoying learning all about gnomes!

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  153. I suppose I'd be boorish, too, if I had to sit out a hurricane while tied to a post! Fair enough, Stormy. Fair enough.

    I'm participating in AtoZ, too.
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