Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another disappointing email.

A publisher/editor passed today. Said my work was too short for them. It's another let down.
It's funny too. Well, not funny -- ha, ha -- but more funny ironic.
Today, for the heck of it, I went on to a website that I joined a while ago to 'rate' other people's work.
I could add my work too, if I felt like paying them money.
So, I read about 30 'first' pages of all kinds of books. Most of them I didn't like and thought needed a lot of work.
And I kept saying, mine's better than that, I just know it. I mean, I worked on my first page a lot and for one thing, it sure didn't have any spelling mistakes! Yeah, I saw a few of those.
And those people PAID to put their work up on a website w/o using spell check.
I thought it was fate, like I would hear from someone today because I felt good about my work.
So, in the stolen word of a friend from Facebook ---- MEH!
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