Monday, June 21, 2010


I was too lazy to write this morning. It was a really long, but good, weekend and I just couldn't get my brain into writing mode.
I did get other stuff done so not a waste of a morning anyway.
I'll try again tomorrow.
I'm pretty sure I know where I want the characters to go, but it will be whatever I end up typing and not necessarily what I have stuck in my head.
No other communications from anyone.
Not a thing.


  1. Jeeze, do you realize how much further along the grid you are than I am? Just hit me, you've finished a full book, have info out abt it to agents, are working on a second one.
    All my stories are short, I've done very little with them and, I have abt 10 scrapbooks that need to be started. Ugh. You have the courage and fortitude that I lack, woman.

  2. Ha! I know better my friend. You have numerous finished poems, some of them published, and you have a zillion scrapbooks completed and some of them you kept!
    Thank you though. I know you mean well. But, in my warped mind, it's not a book unless someone, whom I did not force to, reads it.


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