Monday, June 7, 2010

Another one bites the dust

I got one more response today.
Thanks but no thanks.

So be it.
At least they responded.
See, I'm not all freakin' out today.
Must have the correct amount of caffeine running around the system.
Although now that I said it, I need some more coffee.

So, I was wondering why I was having some difficulty with the new story.
Not enough angst.
Must switch up some characters and start some torment!
What's wrong with me???
Everyone being so nice to each other!!!
We don't do nice.
We do pain and suffering and mean words!!

Okay, not that bad, but we do like friction and not just the naked kind.
I'll fix it. Will take some time, but I know just what to do.
Feeling better... wait... what am I doing writing in here when I could be wri.....

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