Sunday, October 31, 2010


On Blogger and Twitter I follow author Christine Bell.
I read her book, Pray, which is the first book in her series The wolves of Pray.
Good book. Interesting characters. Hot! 

Christine's second book in the series, Awakening, has just been released. Will be reading that one very soon. 

She has been giving a couple interviews...

...and they were interesting and well done. 

For fun Christine Bell was giving away a 10 page critique of your manuscript if you left your 'best line' on the blog. Even though I broke the rules and entered 2 lines instead of one, (and only 2 other people left their best lines), I managed to win! YEAH!!!

My thanks go to Melinda B. Pierce and Christine Bell.

Here is the line-s:

Jack from Maguire's Corner.

Closing the door he found her laundered underwear hanging from a hook to dry. Impure thoughts of her wearing the tiny satin black garments were outdone only by the thought that she currently wasn’t wearing them under his borrowed t-shirt. 

Now I have been invited to send my 10 pages to Christine Bell and I'm freakin' out!  I will have to triple check those pages in the morning and maybe again in the afternoon (and maybe once more) before I get the nerve to send it to her. 


  1. I can't wait to read them, Heather! I promise I'll be gentle (but thorough). :o)

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  3. Ha! That may be the best offer I've had all week!
    Thanks Christine!


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