Friday, June 3, 2011

Who turned off the lights?

WTF is going on with my brain?

Erggg. Arggg. 

I started on my werewolf story again today. 

I did write.

Not well. Not for long. Not enough.

Literally, I probably deleted more than I wrote.

I have the thoughts but I don't have the words. They are stuck somewhere between my brain and my fingers.

Must. Figure. Out. What. Is. Wrong.

Must. Fix. Brain.

So, how are you guys doing?


  1. How about an outline. Then you can save the thoughts without the words. They'll be back.

  2. Just a week ago I was in your shoes… and it lasted for months. I literally wrote several pages a day, just to throw them out.

    The good thing—no doubt you’ll work your way through it. I know you know—but it’s just a matter of time and (for me) a lot of writing. Some people need time away from their WIP to get back into it. Either way, I hope you find your way through it, I know it’s very disheartening.
    If there wasn’t self-doubt, writers block, growing your craft so everything you have written looks weak or the way life seems to get extremely busy just at the moment you get the best inspiration to write; then every writer would get published.

    I hope you progress soon, and I wish you the best.

  3. write it and keep going and read/delete/edit later! you wrote, you were productive!

    keep at it =)

  4. Thank you guys.

    I tried writing an outline today but its so against my nature to do so.

    I will push through it. You guys are so right.


  5. That's what I had to do with mine-push through it-in order to get to the end. Yup, it drove me nuts not to edit. But, I got it finished and was surprised how much I actually wrote.

    You can do it. :)

  6. Donna - Thank you. I'm hoping to feel the 'I can do it' spirit any minute now. Any minute now.

  7. There are lots of days where I write pure and total crap. But I keep going. That's the important thing.

    P.S. Did you catch TEEN WOLF on MTV this week? I DVRed it but haven't watched it yet. Just curious.


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