Friday, July 22, 2011

Easily distracted by...oh, look! Shiny!


Working hard on my homework but still way behind.

I am easily distracted today because I think my brain is getting full.

I figure that all this stuff used to be in my head and at some point was booted out for new and more interesting information.

You know, like my favorite song lyrics and movie quotes. That's important, right?

If you read Karen Marie Moning's Fever series then you know how F'N awesome Jericho Barrons is. A few posts ago I mentioned that Ms. Moning was going to write an exclusive Barron's POV sex scene for her fans.

She has finally posted it. JZB Scene.

All I have to to say is FUCK YEAH! HOLY HELL! THANK YOU! and throw in an AMEN just for fun!

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. I don't always count this one because we were together for 4 years before we decided to get hitched. But, this is the one that the family always

Happy 10th Anniversary to my husband.
Thanks for putting up with me!

Important tip from class...Ms. James tells us to use Okay. Not Ok or OK.

Hope you all have a good weekend and stay cool and hydrated.


  1. Happy tenth anniversary! And song lyrics and movie quotes are VERY important. You don't want to open your mouth to say the line and forget, do you?

  2. I absolutely love the name Jericho Barrons but tbh, that scene didn't really do much for me. Perhaps it's because I don't really "know" him - haven't read anything else from Ms. Moning (yet). I could send you some very steamy scenes from some fanfic I've read though.....whew!! Let's just say Pete's a very happy man the days I read those stories!! ;-)

    Okay - got to get back to work. See you soon!
    Don't forget to water yourself!


  3. Congratulations with your wedding anniversary!

  4. Alex - Thank you! I agree. I don't want to forget! My nerd friends will mock me.

  5. K. - It's not about the steam really. It's hard to explain. It's his anguish. It's compelling. It's tangible. It's breathtaking.

    Looking forward to our trip! Maybe I can hydrate with something other than water!

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    And make sure you use all right instead of alright, k?

    have a fab weekend!

  7. Happy Anniversary!

    The scene itself was not as exciting for me because I never read the book and well, I don't really have the initiative to go look for it tonight because the words "sex scene" have made me impatient so I went ahead and read it anyway.

    I do like the attempt at getting in another character's POV. For me, it is often the inability to really hear the character that stalls my writing. Most of my heroines become whiny and petulant (because they take on MY voice...!). If nothing else this provides a great exercise, if not a sexy tidbit of reading!

  8. Happy Anniversary... nice link!!

  9. Tara - Thank you.
    Yes...all right and a lot, not alot!

    Renee - Yes. She mentions that it was really tough for her to do his POV because she did all the books from the female characters POV. It was well worth the wait and I am considering re-reading the series starting in the fall. Thanks for coming by!

    jeff - Thank you so much! Glad you liked!

  10. Happy Anniversary! Some days I think my brain is full too. Like now.

  11. Rhonda - Thank you. I agree!

    Donna - Thanks so much!


  12. Happy Anniversary!

    I've gotten in the habit of spelling out OKAY now, but it still seems weird to me.

  13. Heather - Thanks so much.
    I am getting used to lots of new things including okay!

  14. Happy Anniversary, and many many more!


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