Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seven Days, Seven Deadly Sins Challenge - 7/7


The compact dark gray cat carefully washed his paw completely ignoring the woman standing outside his cage. He didn’t care why she was there or what she wanted. He was terribly busy. So much beautiful fur to wash. So many perfectly manicured claws to sharpen. When a feline was this handsome extra care needed to be taken to maintain a beautiful exterior and a healthy interior. Besides this woman didn’t appear to be his saucer of milk. Wearing her cheap knock-offs she obviously would never be able to uphold and maintain the quality of life that he expected. No, demanded.


Seven Days
Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Flash Fictions up to 100 words
Starting 7/7


  1. LOL! Nice - unexpected point of view. :-D

  2. I think we have a cat lover in the house. :)
    Great job, Heather. Like anon said, a refreshing POV. I can't wait to read your other six!

  3. so purrrrfect!
    forgive me =)
    wait, one more,
    that was right up my alley!

  4. I have a cat, and I can imagine him thinking this!
    Excellent, superb, unexpected. There's so much more I could say! LOVED IT!

    A x

  5. Great point of view! Cats do love their devoted attention!

  6. Great Pov of Pride because the woman is the one that gives everything that makes the cat what it is and yet the cat's pride will never admit that she is needed.

  7. I always wondered how a writer could write from an animal's POV. Now I know. Pretty cool. Great job!

  8. K. - Thank you!

    Bryce - Yes. 4 cats own me. I hope I do the rest justice!

    Tara - Groan. Groan! Had to go for it though, right?

    Antimony - Thank you! That's very cool!

    Donna - They do expect the world don't they!

    glitterword - Thanks. You're right. Cats will never admit anything.

    Nancy - I appreciate that. Thank you!

    Thanks everyone for stopping in!

  9. This made me laugh. Nice one.

  10. LOL - now you've written this its made me think - if I had to think of an animal that best fitted the terminology pride, CAT would be my first and only answer - nicely told and sooooo true - great piece

  11. Rosie - Thank you! Glad to hear that!

    brainhaze - I appreciate that. I understand and completely agree with your logic!


  12. Good to see another who started with Pride. Going to have to document what order people do them in. But a cat for Pride really is awesome and has me anxious to see what you do for the others.

  13. Aren't cats just born like this? Very cute. Meow!

  14. As an owner of four cats, I totally love this piece!

  15. Jeff - Thank you!

    David - I never thought about the order but it seemed the perfect fit for the theme. Thanks for coming.

    The Desert Rocks - So true. Thanks.

    Rebecca - Ah, but are you the owner or are they? Glad you like it.

    Thanks for stopping in everyone!

  16. I think you've perfectly described how a cat thinks. Great post. Very prideful. I love that you're doing this from a cats perspective. Awesome!

  17. Heather - I am fairly acquainted with the felines. I hope I do them justice.


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