Monday, December 26, 2011

The aftermath...

I rush around for days and days
A million things on my list
What to buy, what to bake
Decorating bit by bit

The moment comes that I've been waiting for
A surprised face when the paper rips
Everything seems worth it then
All the planning, the work, the trips

Then comes the real hard part
The day after all of it
I wonder where to start cleaning
Where do I put all this shit?

The fridge is full of leftovers
Every surface is covered with presents
The garbage is overflowing
With paper and boxes and remnants

The noise in here is deafening
What was I thinking getting that toy?
The cats eating the tree again
Where's the laughter? Where's the joy?

The moral of this story?
Now thats a damn good question
Next year we should just skip it
But that's just my suggestion

Hope you had a great holiday. We absolutely did. Seeing my sons face on Christmas morning is just wonderful. Being with my family is truly amazing. I had Christmas at home, Christmas with my in-laws and Christmas with parents all in one day. I have one more Christmas to go on New Year's Day. We are very lucky.

Getting ready to watch some great bowl games! FSU plays on Thursday and RU plays on Friday! I know what bowl game Tara will be watching on the 2nd! Anyone else?


  1. I think it was worth it!
    Ready for bowl games and one more week of NFL before playoffs begin. Tonight's game will be cool - hope Brees gets the record!

  2. Glad your Christmas was magnificent! Children do make a difference. Sounds like yours was truly a packed holiday of family and memories for years to come.

  3. You described it perfectly! It will probably take at least a week for all of the smiles at our house to it was worth it! Definitely looking forward to some bowl games now!!! :)

  4. But it's all worth it in the end. The memories are precious. I hope you have a happy New Year, Heather!

  5. Alex - Yes. Its worth it. Yeah football!

    cd - Thank you, yes it really was wonderful. Thanks for stopping in.

    DL - Thank you. The tree is just starting to shed and I can't get the cats out from under it.

    Nancy - Thank you. Happy New Year to you too!

  6. I liked that part.
    //Next year we should just skip it
    But that's just my suggestion//

    If children are around, we tend to do too much , to see that they enjoy.
    If not, we can skip it.


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