Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Abby something. Abby Normal!

This month is going to be just a waste for writing.

I can tell already.

I can't even begin to formulate plot. I had trouble remembering my character's names the other day or which story I was working on last.

I'd like to think that after the holidays my life will go back to normal but I'm not sure what normal is for me any longer.

Part of my brain tells me that I need to treat writing like a job. That way I would take it more seriously and give it the time its going to take to finish. 

Another part of my brain tells me that if I was going to work another job it should be for actual money.

There is another part of my brain that just feels guilty all the time no matter what I do.

I suppose making decisions on only a few parts of brain is not a good idea anyway.

Hopefully in January the rest of my brain, the part that writes, might show up!

Meanwhile, still helping out family and getting ready to decorate the house for Christmas.

We did get our tree but we may have a slight dilemma.

When the tree was with its brothers and sisters it looked fantastic and perfect in every way.

We brought him home, placed him in the stand on the porch and took off the netting to let the branches fall only to discover that he is as wide as he is tall!


It literally looks like a giant chocolate kiss made out of Douglas Fir.

My house may not be big enough to hold him and the junk in his trunk!

I will have to remove ... not move ... but remove furniture to accommodate his girth!

We actually did lose many ornaments and the lights in our basement flood from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene. 

But, thanks to Santa's helper, we do have new lights to put on the 'Fat Bottom' tree and we will be making new ornament memories starting this year.

Anyone else asking Santa for brain parts this year?


  1. I believe that December is the leading month for distractions as far as writing goes, so my goal is to not regress. Easier said then done!

    Have fun decorating! :)

  2. Wow - you should decorate your tree entirely in silver (with tiny twinkly white lights) to make it look like a Christmas Kiss!!! It would be AWESOME!!!! Almost makes me wish I was putting up a tree this year.

    Your brain was never "normal" was it? ;-)

    See you Jan. 1....your house or mine?


  3. Looking at my tree all wrapped up in its netting on the patio this morning, I suffered that same thought. It looks huge. How will I stuff it in to the postage stamp spot I picked for it?

    Just let your brain percolate this month. In January, life may look different and thoughts will flow.

  4. i think you need a sed-a-give =)

    totally with you. stealing moments to reach goal of finishing edits, so close i can taste it! (the ending is yummy!)

    and life will slow down a notch after the xmas junk is put away in january =) (bcuz after the first, its junk!)

  5. Well I hope your writing mojo returns soon. And you should take a picture of your tree Kiss. Did you wrap it in tinsel like a giant Kiss?

  6. An abnormal brain is probably a good thing for a writer - at least, that's what I keep telling myself.

  7. You'll get your groove on again. Just let the rush of the holiday pass and it'll happen.

  8. Being normal is way overrated. Just enjoy yourself and make the best of this holiday season, when you are ready to write, you will. Sorry about your Christmas ornaments, but knowing you, you will make that tree look great, with its big bottom and all.

  9. Enjoy the holidays and worry about writing in January. Your brain will thank you! :)

  10. You should take a picture of the fat bottom tree with a bicycle near by. If it will fit.

    Loved the post and 'brain parts' are definitely on my list. I'd agree with everyone that says you should rest your noggin, for a bit. Enjoy the holiday!

  11. DL - Thank you. Yes. I have way too many distractions.

    K. - You're right. My brain was never normal. ;)

    Suz - Percolate? That's a great idea.

    Tara - I'm glad you got my movie reference! Junk is right!

    Alex - We are trying to get a Hershey flag for the top this year. Can't use tinsel. I have four cats. They eat it and then ... well ... lets just say it ain't pretty.

    Patsy - One would think but sometimes its just a big empty space up there.

    Nancy - I think so too. Wait for this evil month to be over.

    Murees - Ha! You have wonderful faith in me. I appreciate it.

    Liz - Thank you. January is looking better and better.

    La Reine - I so would have taken that bike picture but I just stored the bike! Oh well. Thanks for getting the reference!

    Thanks everyone.

  12. My writing mojo comes and goes, too. I haven't written a single word of fiction since I handed my book in to my editor on Halloween, and you know what? At the moment I don't miss it. I think when the holidays die down, you'll get your mojo back. In the meantime, enjoy your fat bottom tree! :) I love fat trees so much more than skinny trees.

  13. Jennifer - I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. I'll be posting pictures of the tree soon!


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