Friday, January 27, 2012

Hook, line and...

...I'm such a sucker.

I was on Facebook, minding my own business, when I read a post by Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. 

They mentioned they saw an ad for a book called Truths and Roses from Inglath Cooper and they loved the book description. (I know. That is some author name.)

Here's the description: Will Kincaid. Hot pro-football player. Hannah Jacobs. Reclusive small-town librarian. Ten years. High school was long ago. Wasn't it? 

Not only did the book sound really good but it sounded very familiar.

I clicked on the link for Amazon and the book was only 99 cents. I'm hooked. So, I purchased it. (Sucker!)

Let me say this right up front. The book was ... enjoyable. I didn't love it. I didn't swoon over the romance. In fact, I was disappointed because it was a 'sweet' romance and there was absolutely no sex in the book.

If I had known that there wasn't any sex in the book I wouldn't have bothered to buy it.

I consider that a 'talking/thinking' book not a romance novel. I'm just quirky that way.

Any-hoo. What really hooked me in to the purchase was how close the premise of her book was to my first book.

Replace hot pro-football player and small-town reclusive librarian with rock star and veterinarian and you have my two characters.

Thankfully, the plots differ greatly.

But, I distinctly recall one of my fond rejection letters remarking that they weren't interested in my book because my storyline had already been done.

Of course it had been done. They've all been done. It's all about the characters and what you do with them.

My characters are awesome and they do awesome stuff. But, I may be slightly biased.

Ever buy a book that you couldn't wait to read only to be this disappointed?


  1. all the time. i have three book piles.
    1) to be read
    2) currently reading
    3) discards - whether finished or gave up on...

    and i hate seeing a blurb similar to mine, must go write!
    thats what my iwsg post was last month, how do we liven up the stories that have all been done. tough task!

    keep writing!! (and thx for being such an awesome cheerleader for me!)

  2. See, "several" years out of high school and you are a cheerleader. And for something you love.

  3. There are only so many basic story lines. Stick to your guns on your own story.

  4. Unfortunately, more times than I can count. Better luck next time. :)

  5. I got in the waiting line for a highly praised debut novel that looked just like my kind of thing. Finally they got a copy in and I went to pick it up. Two paragraphs in-- meh. I took it back the next day.

  6. "The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night," "My Name is Red," & "Three Bags Full". I just couldn't enjoy any of them.

    Oh wellz...

    And thank you so much for commenting on my story for Tara's prompt! (^__^)

  7. Tara - I might be down to two piles now. Maybe and maybe not!
    I love cheering for those who push themselves. You surely do all the time.

    Suz - Ha. 'Several' is an understatement. Thank you.

    Alex - I concur. Sticking to guns.

    DL - And then one wonders, how did they get that published but my awesome book is not? ;)

    KarenG - Wow. That truly is disappointing.

    Keru - I don't think I've read any of those. At least you tried them. Welcome and thanks for stopping in!



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