Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm not Insecure...I'm Confidence Challenged!

Is it really January 4th?

Holy Shnikes!

Welcome to today's Insecure Writer's Support Group Post.

Please don't forget to go visit the other WONDERFUL bloggers that participate. You can find them at Alex J. Cavanaugh's Blog. 

Last month we discussed a syndrome known better as W.W.W. or Writers Without Words.

I thought I was the foremost expert but there are quite a few of you out there that openly admit you also suffer from this malady and a few of you even self-diagnosed brand new ailments!

W.O.T.O.T. - Words On Tip Of Tongue

W.W.E. - Writers Without Emotion

W.W.W.S.P. - Writer Who Won't Stop Procrastinating

Now, we are writers united with a cause! If you prick us do we not bleed ink? Where is our ribbon? Where is our celebrity spokesperson?

What was that? All published authors talk about this stuff? Publicly?

We're not alone?

Oh. Well.


Time to get back to work then.

I refuse to let my blank brain win. I was lucky enough to have some time to read a little over the holiday and I think I may have felt a little flutter of interest from my Muse.

Although I received a wonderful offer of a Ninja Ass Kicking for my Muse I think I may try to coax them out with some treats. Maybe a little more reading. Maybe a little chocolate.

If that doesn't work I might just have to outright dare the damn thing to come out. Dare threats still work, right?

How about you guys? Are you challenging your writer self?


  1. Me and my writing-self are about to have a throw down! :)

  2. I think I have W.W.W.S.P. Procrastination is terrible, and I procrastinate all the time. I'm challenging my writer self to throw away the procrastination and get things done. Good luck with the dare threats to your Muse.

  3. I'm forcing myself to write characters as more than animated characters. I need more depth, which is really hard I'm finding out. Great post - new follower :)

  4. "Ninja ass-kicking for my muse"
    HEY, I never thought of that!
    Maybe I'll try that one.

  5. Definitely. I'm putting words on blank pages . . . even if it's only a few a day.

  6. My muse is challenged- trying to find a way to write elegant insults like the old greats! Good post- it made me smile on the inside :)

  7. Thanks for the laugh! My muse is on vacation and refuses to come back unless I promise her a new coffee machine :)

  8. W.W.W.S.P. - Writer Who Won't Stop Procrastinating

    Finally! I have a name for it! Thanks for the laugh. This is a great post.

    Oh, and dare threats are tricky but if done successfully can work wonders on a muse. Good luck...

  9. Oh yeah, I am challenging my writer self. I'm tackling my third book for my trilogy after my husband read my first draft leaving him totally confused by it. He LOVED my first two books. I felt that my third was my best work, so how could it leave him so confused?!! So back to the drawing, writing board.

  10. Hmm... using chocolate sounds like a great idea!

  11. Writers Without Words LOL, and then there's Writers who Waste all their Words online...(that's me)

  12. Oh yes, my muse and I have multiple rounds in the ring VERy often... we're currently in a truce though.. I hope it lasts!

  13. Thanks for the chuckle. Challenging myself all the time, sometimes to the point of a roadblock. But there's always a way. :)

  14. Great Post! I needed this so much! So uplifting=) Now, is the Ninja referral only or in the yellow pages? Maybe the chocolate is a good idea too=)

  15. Want me to go all Ninja on your muse?
    How about W.W.W.S.? Writers Who Write Slow...

  16. I fall into the WWWSP category.

  17. Ah yes, WOTOT! I know that one well. As for my muse, it's all about the music on my playlist. I'd be lost, lost, lost without my Three Days Grace, Staind, Art of Dying, and Seether. They whisper my story to me via their songs and I relay it into the ether, as if an opera. It's the perfect setup.

  18. Great post, muses love people with a sense of humor. I'll be sure to be back and check on the status of your dare threat. In my case, I need a day with at least 30 hours... ah, one can always dream, right?

    Hopping from Diary of a Writer in Progress.

  19. DL - Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!

    Cherie - Good luck to you too!

    Tasha - Great idea. I always try to have conversations with my characters. Like a talk show. Ask them personal questions and see how they react. Best of luck.

    Rachel - We have to try something!

    Tyrean - I don't want to force it but I might have to.

    Summer - Elegant insults. That's awesome.

    Siv - Coffee is a great treat for Muses!

    M.J. - I'm glad we named your ailment! Now we need to crush its spine! Good luck to you too!

    Sherri - He sounds like a great crit partner. Back to the writing board with a purpose though!

    Cassie Mae - Yeah. Chocolate makes the world go round.

    KarenG - I know. We are our own worst enemy.

    WritingNut - Truces are good. Make sure to praise them!

    Cate - There is always a way. We just have to find it!

    Kathleen - Thanks. The Ninja offer was from Mr. Alex himself!

    Alex - Writing slow is still off!

    Patsy - We all do it. It's not our fault. Too many distractions.

    Karen - That's a good goal! Did it work?

    Carrie - The first step is admitting it!

    Nancy - Great bands to play too!

    Gina - I'm glad to hear they like humor! It's all I've got!

  20. WOW! Thank you so much everyone! Great comments. I appreciate you taking the time to visit!

  21. I am challenging myself to write more this year; it hurts. Reading is the cure though, I'm sure. If I spend too much time with all the crap I write, the words stop. I have to refresh with some good stuff. Hawthorne is my current med. waiting to be applied...

  22. what a greaaat post love your blog =) follow

  23. Man - Yes. It really is important to keep reading even if we feel guilty cause we aren't writing.

    Damon - Thank you! Welcome!


  24. WWW made me smile, and yes, I suffer from WOTOT.

    So glad I found this support group. It feels odd to publicly admit to being an insecure writer, but the up side is finding I'm not alone! (New follower)

  25. Anne - Thank you. It is pretty freeing to talk candidly with a group this large. We certainly are not alone!
    Glad you came.


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