Monday, January 30, 2012

A to Z Challenge Sign-Up!!!

Yes, you can!

Sign-up today for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge!

I'm #78! (and I signed up at 6:20am EST!) 

Time it takes...the month of April.
Letters involved...26.
Price you pay...brain cells.
Feeling a sense of accomplishment mixed with the pleasure of meeting new friends...Priceless.

Oh, but you don't have a blog? They're free. You can get one today. 

Oh, but you don't know how to write? Neither do I. Doesn't stop me.

And you don't need to be a writer. You can post pictures, comics or jokes. You can post information about your family or your pets. You can hawk your wares or a friends. You can talk about games, movies or music.

Whatever floats your boat!

If you think it sounds like a fun challenge then you should join in!

Go HERE! Sign-up!

And then... if you're a planner, start planning.

If you're not a planner, well then, just go on about your day and we will see you on April 1st!

Wow. That was exciting. I think I need a nap.

Will you be joining me? In the challenge...not the nap.

Go here to check out my post for Tara Tyler's Auntie Tara's Short Story Prompt for January.


  1. If I wasn't so busy with other obligations, I'd totally take part. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    I gave you a Shout-Out on my blog today! :)

  2. Thanks for plugging the Challenge! The benefits are so huge, as is participation. Last year I felt sorry for those who didn't.

  3. David - Thank you! I have a theme in mind. I'm hoping to make it work! Thanks for the shout out today!

    Alex - I had a great time and that may be where I met you so I will always encourage others to try it. My scrabbooking mom just joined too!

  4. what a great ad for the alpha fest!

    and here's the link for the kissy fest (not til 2/14)

  5. I am going to meet SOOOOO many new bloggers during April! It's going to be fantastic!! :)

  6. Appreciate your spreading the news. I'll link to this on my Sunday post.

    Tossing It Out

  7. Tara - Thank you and thank you! I'll check it out!

    DL - Yep. We are on a mission!

    Arlee - You are so welcome. Thanks for coming up with such a great idea! Thank you!


  8. Okay, okay, OKAY!!! I signed up!

    After having no intention of doing this blogfest whatsoever, after waffling back and forth and back and finally convinced me. I signed up. I'm #361.

    I have topics for every letter except U, X, & Z. I better start writing now cuz there's no way I can write everyday for a month!

    What have I gotten myself into?!?!?!

  9. The challenge was exhausting last year, but also a blast. I met so many great people from it.

  10. Nancy - YEAH!!! It's well worth it! The hardest part is really visiting a bunch of different blogs a day! YEAH!!!

    M Pax - It really was a blast. But they call it a challenge for a reason!


  11. I'm already planning and writing my posts. Well, outlining them with bullet pints and such. But I'll be ready to go come April 1st!

  12. I would belong in the "planner" category...I'm up to U already! I probably shouldn't admit that, huh?

  13. I've often thought about joining the A-Z challenge but I've never followed through. Still undecided for 2012. Though your ad is leading me in one particular direction....

    New follower. :)

  14. Stephen - I'm so jealous! I haven't even opened a spreadsheet yet!

    Nicki - Wow! You and Stephen are so far ahead! It's good inspiration!

    Emma - Welcome. You should just do it. Nothing bad will happen. How could it? Even if you don't finish they won't take away your blogger card. It's worth it!


  15. Hi Heather - Welcome to the A to Z Challenge and thanks for featuring it in this post!
    I'm still trying to organize my theme...last year I joined on April it was a song and a prayer that got me through. Since I'm not much of a singer, I don't think I can rely on the same good fortunes!!

    Good luck with it!

    Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

  16. Jenny - Thank you! Last year was my first year and I'm so glad I did it. Looking forward to all the exciting posts this year!
    Thanks for coming by!


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