Friday, February 3, 2012

Jokes on me.

The following is a mishmash of interesting and funny stuff that's been circulating on Facebook. 
To see the Super Bowl made out of *LEGOS* (so amazing) click here!

I knew it!

Little Free Libraries are awesome. Check them out here!

This is awesome!

This fits my personality more than I'd like to admit.

Too funny!

And I'll be off to the store to pick up some of this shortly!

It's therapy! Says so right on the package!

I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.

I will be resting on Saturday to save all my energy for Sunday for the Super Bowl!

Go Giants!

And, hopefully, continuing with my editing. I have diligently been doing a little each day.

What are y'all up to this weekend?


  1. thanks for the laughs!
    great start to a "super" weekend! (groan)
    dont be sad when eli throws a pick six =P

  2. I know a couple mean people. And I want one of those Pez dispensers!

  3. This was great, thanks. I will be working, but I really hope you enjoy the Super Bowl.

  4. Love that Doctor one! Thanks for the laugh. I really want ice cream now. No plans for the weekend except the hope I can finish the short story I'm working on. Have a good one! :)

  5. I loved the one about being mean instead of joking. It might fit me too.
    Probably won't watch much of the game tomorrow.

  6. Tara - Your welcome! Eli has been known to throw an interception or two. Hopefully it will be less than Mr. Brady!

    Alex - It's awesome. I love that the candy is the color of their blood too!

    Murees - Thank you. I will try my best to enjoy the game!

    Christine - I hope you finish your short story too! I really need to find that ice cream!

    Susan - I think that was written about me. Sad but true. I'll watch the game for you then!

    Thanks for stopping in everyone!


  7. LOVE the little library and the chocoate therapy, of course. :) Thanks for the chuckles.

  8. They all made me laugh but I loved the personality one the most.
    I admit it took me a second with the Cinnabuns. Then I spit coffee everywhere!

  9. Liz - It's nice to hear from you! Warmest welcome. I need to find that ice cream! It's a moral imperative!

    Mary - Sorry if I caused a clean up on aisle 12! It was pretty funny though!

    Thank you!

  10. Fun stuff! I could use a little Chocolate Therapy about now!

  11. Your Giants got it! I wasn't keeping up with it, but I was pro-Giants because I knew that who my mother was rooting for.

    Wrote By Rote
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  12. SherryE - I know. Now I'm on a quest to find that ice cream!

    Lee - They pulled it out. Wasn't sure there momentarily!


  13. OH. MY. GOD!! I can't wait to try that kind of therapy!!

    I've never seen a little free library before, but in Bolinas, CA, there is a tiny little unmanned bookstore where you find the book you want and pay whatever you think the book is worth. Just slide your money into the slotted the box. I love that store!!

  14. Nancy - That sounds like my kind of book store too! I know one of the local libraries here has a paperback exchange program. That's always a good idea!

    Thanks for stopping in!


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