Friday, February 24, 2012

Proof that I'm writing...


I'm alive!

And...I'm really writing/editing.

I decided to share a little excerpt of Maguire's Corner with you guys.

This scene takes place shortly after one that I already posted. If you would like to read that one first (it's Jack and Maggie's first kiss) then you can go here!

The sad thing is that I posted that scene last Valentine's Day and I'm still working on the same book.

It was impossible in a town full of relatives to keep the news of the break-in from her mother. Before Maggie had even changed out of her pajamas Grace had arrived bright and early Monday morning bringing Maggie’s Aunt Dana and Cousin Kate to help with the clean-up.
Maggie was working in her bathroom, refolding all the towels that been had pulled out from the linen closet. She was trying to set them back on the top shelf without getting the step stool but she stretched a little too far and gasped when her rib objected.
“What was that?” Kate asked coming into the bathroom.
“I can’t wait for this stupid rib to heal,” Maggie ground out.
“Let’s have a look. Take off the sweatshirt.”
Maggie complied knowing there was no arguing with Kate while she was in doctor mode. She carefully slipped the shirt over her head and stood in front of Kate in just her black satin bra. Kate flipped on another light over the sink.
“A cracked rib takes a long time to heal but I’m surprised that it’s still so tender to the touch. Did you have new trauma to the area?” Kate asked.
Conjuring the memory of last night Maggie got a little flushed and wasn’t sure how she could explain.
Kate stopped poking long enough to look up at Maggie with a knowing smile.
“Was it a someone?”
“Sort of.”
“You know, there’s been talk right?” Kate checked the injuries on Maggie’s chest. “You have some infection in the largest wound here. Are you putting on the antibiotic ointment I gave you?”
“Yes, to the ointment. And no, talk about what?”
“You. And Chief Munro.”
“Me and Chief Munro what?”
“Don’t be dense.”
“Pretend I’m new here. Fill me in.”
“Word is that you have been spending a lot of time together.”
“Well, some, I guess. But, I was a witness to a crime. Of course it may seem we have been together a lot but it’s not like that. He’s been helping me out.”
“I think there may be a bit of metal trying to push out here that we missed. If you have alcohol and tweezers I’ll clean this up for you.”
Maggie turned to the medicine cabinet and began to pull the items Kate needed.
“I thought you hated him?” Kate asked.
“Jack? I don’t hate him. I just didn’t like him.”
“And now?” 
Kate cleaned the tweezers with soap and water and then poured alcohol over them.
“And nothing.”
“I’m less than convinced. Keep still, please.”
Kate managed to pick out the piece of metal and clean up the infected area. Then she put more ointment on the wound and put a new bandage over it.
“There, all done. Now, spill. Why did you get all pink when I asked about your ribs?” Kate asked.
Maggie took a moment while she slipped her sweatshirt back on.
“No matter how I say it in my head, it sounds like more than it is.”
“You’re killing me.”
Maggie checked the doorway and then whispered, “Jack kissed me.”
“And you let him?”
“Well, it was kind of - mutual.”
“How mutual?”
Maggie described the brief moment with Jack and Kate fanned herself with her hand.
“Gosh. Who knew?”
“But then he got a call and left.”
“What are you going to do about it?”
“I don’t know.”
“Do you want him to kiss you again?”
“I don’t know.”
“You might want to figure some of this out before you see him again.”
“I’m not sure it’s appropriate. He’s Bobby’s boss and Emily’s. He’s the Police Chief.”
“So? He’s not a reverend.”
Maggie shook her head. “I have to think about it.”
     “Of course you do. Just don’t over think it, like you do. You know this manual labor and free medical care requires lunch compensation, right?”
     “Indeed. The Maguire Beef Stew is in the slow cooker.”
     “That will be thanks enough,” Kate said grinning. “I’m going back to the living room.”

I am mere moments away from finishing the paper edits and then I can start writing the last chapters and FINISH THIS BOOK!

Sorry, didn't mean to yell.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Friday!


  1. I see some minor punctuation edits. Other than that, you are good to go with that part. What else? I'm ready to read.

  2. Love this! I love that I get to read about the Piece of Cholife! LOL! Stop posting blogs and keep writing Maguire! Want to see this on the shelf before next Valentine's Day!!!

  3. Then go ahead and yell!
    Small town setting - bet that gave you lots of ammo for situations and gossip.

  4. excellent!
    great scene! glad to see you arent just sitting around eating bon bons =)

  5. Suz - Ouch. Red pen on my blog? Really?

    K. - Piece of Cholife!!!! I'm with you! I want to see it on the shelves too!

    Alex - Yes, sir, it does. :)

    Anna - I'm working on it. Thanks for the feedback.

    Tara - I've always wanted to try a bon bon! Thank you!



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