Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So, I get this note...

So, I get this note home from school today.

Factoid: I have a son. He's six. He's in First Grade.

The note is from the First Grade Teachers (three classes) to all the First Grade Families.

It says: Here is a class list to use when making Valentine's Day cards. Please make sure that you have a card for every child in the class. We will be celebrating Valentine's Day on Tuesday, February 14th.

Question: When did the word 'when' replace the word 'if'?

Question: Why is it okay to celebrate SAINT Valentine's Day in school but so many other holidays are taboo?

Question: What other day might you celebrate Valentine's Day on besides February 14th?

Now, really, I'm not knockin' the teachers. This is fun for the kids.

They will laugh and giggle and get all red in the face. The boys will punch the girls or pull their hair to show their affection and the girls will secretly plot their early demise. It's all in good fun.

But, I guess I'll have to either make *shiver* or buy 24 little Valentines with my son so he won't be the only kid who didn't give them out.

Honestly, I'm still cracking the whip on him to finish his thank you cards from Christmas.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Anyone else
Have to do this too?


  1. Once they get out of elementary/primary school, V-Day cards are not an issue anymore. Just get a pack of red construction paper, cut out hearts and have him sign his name, tape a lttle Hershey's Nugget on it...viola - instant card.

    And really, with all the kids in the class, will anyone notice if he didn't hand out a card?

    I hated doing this too...don't envy you.

  2. i am surprised they havent taken this holiday away from them.
    i loved celebrating the holidays. the little guys deserve these fun days. quit whining! wait til you see what he brings home! enjoy the innocence, soon you'll be helping with elaborate projects and mounds of homework!

  3. Suz - Thanks. You welcome to do it. ;)

    K. - Construction paper? Cutting and taping? What is this manual labor you speak of? And yes, these kids notice everything. You can't walk a foot in the classroom without one of these kids reciting everything DJ has ever said about us. It's frightening.

    Tara - OH! It's only a little whine! I do hate this holiday crap. The kid is already bringing home girls phone numbers. Its disturbing. We don't have mounds of homework yet but a slightly bumpy hill of homework. I can't wait for more! Wait, yes, I can.


  4. That is really sweet. I will have to go at another Valentine's day completely solo, but at least your son will have some fun. Enjoy the shopping.

  5. Murees - I think he will have fun no matter what. Valentines Day is not so bad alone. Been married quite a while and we barely acknowledge the day anymore!

  6. My mother was one who never bought V-day cards for the other kids when I was in school (despite my pleadings), and I have to say I was very embarassed. That was 40+ years ago and I still remember it. My advice, buy the cards!

  7. DL - I had already bought some cards w/ lollipops but after reading your note I am SO glad that I did. I'm sure I scar that kid enough.
    Thanks for sharing your trauma with me!


  8. I remember doing those. The kids will have fun and it will make it worth your while.


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