Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All in a day's work.

Hello peeps!

Not a lot of time today but I wanted to share a couple of things.

Thanks to all of you that came by for the First Loves Blogfest on Monday. It was fun. I still have some on the list to check out and I'm looking forward to seeing what they posted.

I noticed one blog named a movie that I can't believe I didn't even consider.

Star Wars.

Hello? Duh! Earth to Heather!

I'm so ashamed. :(

I still love The Last of the Mohicans but certainly Star Wars has had much more of an impact on my entire life.

I can only call it a complete brain-fart and move on.


I didn't get the deets on the Random Acts of Kindness Blitz but I've been seeing posts and Tweets everywhere for it.

I basically think its to thank people that may have helped or influenced you in writing.

So, I would like to thank my two 'editors' that help me without complaint or monetary compensation with my books.

Suz and K. aka Anonymous. :)

So, a giant THANKS to you guys.

And ... I promise I will have Maguire's Corner completed soon for you to edit.


Lastly...I failed my big movie moment.

You know how you say you never know how you're going to react to a situation until you're in it?

Well, I had my potential scary movie moment the other morning and ... HUGE FAIL!

I swing open my front door and on my porch, next to StWG, is a glass canning jar. It contains a purplish liquid and whitish objects are suspended in said liquid. There is a note attached to the lid.

What do I do? Do I call my husband to come join me with a weapon? Do I put on my latex gloves? Do I get the camera to photograph the evidence? Do I check the porch for possible assailants? Do I flash the Bat signal?


I step out on the porch and pick up the jar.

Okay. So, the jar contained eggs that are pickled in beet juice that a friend made and dropped off for my husband.

Not the point.

It could have been anything. It could have been the prop to lure me out on the porch to my doom!

It could have been covered in forensic evidence that I just tampered with.

And ... there was a real moment when I thought the whitish objects floating in purple suspension were going to slowly spin to reveal they were human eyeballs.

Luckily, that didn't happen or I might still be scrubbing beet juice from my porch.

Guess I would be the one in the film that you're all throwing popcorn at and saying, "She deserved to get slaughtered! She didn't even look to see if the psycho-killer was on the porch!"


So, how are things with you? Want to thank anyone? Randomly? Change your mind about your Firsts after reading another list?

Find anything on your porch?


  1. OMG - you are so funny!!! I'd help you scrub the beet juice off the porch but I'd be laughing my a$$ off while doing it! Thanks for the props but you know I love your book and can't wait to get the finished copy. And I'm so glad you've continued to ask me for help even after I sometimes decimate your work. I canNOT wait to see it in print with the awesome cover art and all. I want a signed copy!

    Love you!

  2. Great Story, reminded me of a local story of the suspicious package in the parking lot of the Post Office. After bomb squad, Swat, hundreds of police and wasted tax dollars it turned out to be a box of stale donuts. :)

  3. LOL, I would have failed that moment too. People regularly drop things off on porches in my neighborhood. Sometimes it has occurred to me I should be more careful before scarfing down cookies ;)

  4. I like that you called it a movie moment:) Haven't gotten any of those lately though.

  5. Your egg story is hilarious! I guess you'd be first to go in a horror film.
    I almost selected Star Wars until I remembered Jaws, the very first 'event' movie, and how much it impacted me as a kid.

  6. Great story! Thanks for the laugh; I needed it today. :)

  7. K. – Love you too! I can’t wait for the day I can sign it and give it to you. Going to be a great one!

    Gossip_Grl – You’d think the cops could have sniffed out the donuts! Huh. : )

    Johanna – This never happens to me! I wish people would drop produce off on my porch! That would be awesome!

    nutschell – Thank you. That’s what it felt like for sure!

    Alex – Yeah. I might as well have been wearing the ‘red shirt’! Thank you. Jaws was pretty awesome, you’re right.

    Dana – Thank you for coming! I’m glad I could help!

    Thanks everyone.

  8. LOL! I think the eggs alone would've made me drop it.

  9. have the alien eggs hatched into puple monsters, growing inside someone's stomach yet? you're not out of the woods!

    & forgiven you are =)

  10. A new species evolving right there. Eek! I've never found anything weird on my porch, but now I'm curious if I might one day find something like that.

  11. I had to stop by and visit the other Heather that I see in the blogging world :) Nice to meet you

  12. One time, at three in the morning, the army and drug lords decided to start a shoot out at a 7eleven a few houses down. The army had some really heavy artillery and needless to say, it was so loud I thought the shooting was coming from the floor above me. What do I do? I yell at my husband, "I think they're shooting upstairs." And then, I run upstairs. Yes, I'm a moron.

  13. That story pretty much made my day. A good reminder that movie characters aren't necessarily as stupid as we think they are - they just don't know they're in a movie.

    After seeing your Star Wars regret here, I must admit to almost having chosen that as my first love movie... But I didn't come across them until I was a bit older, so The Princess Bride won out.

  14. L. Diane – It was pretty gross no matter what. The worst part is that my husband is going to eat them!

    Tara – Wow. You had to go there. Talk about nightmares! Thank you!

    Christine – Eek! Is right! Now you’ll look twice when you open the door.

    Heather – Always room for another Heather! Welcome. Nice to meet you too.

    Clarissa – We can be morons together! Where the heck do you live anyway! Sheesh! Be more careful.

    Morgan – Well said. They don’t know they’re in the movie! Star Wars was the first ever movie I saw in the theater! I should have thought twice. Oh well.

    Thanks so much for coming over guys!

  15. I would have completely thought 'eyeballs'!

  16. That's awesome--beet juice and eyeball eggs. I've gotten up to investigate strange noises in the pitch black house without a weapon or phone, so I wouldn't survive the horror movie test either.

    I also let my kids walk five houses down the block to a playdate without watching. Later, I was convinced they would be kidnapped for my lack of attention, but they showed up on time for dinner. Whew!

  17. I don't think I've ever had anything mysterious on my porch, that would be exciting!

  18. Annalisa - Everytime I open the fridge!

    Gossip_Grl - Thank you. That's awesome. I'll come visit! HMG

    Tamara - Just call me 'red shirt' Heather! Never make it through Star Trek either! I'm glad the kids came back!

    kmckendry - It was exciting and terrifying!

    Thanks for the visit everyone!



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