Monday, May 7, 2012

What's not to like? - Blogging from A to Z Reflections Post.

April? Done.
Challenge? Complete.
Reflections? I got some.

So, the developers/creators/MEGA-MINDS behind the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge are asking all of us to reflect on last month. To give them our perspective on the challenge.

Here's my take.

I had a freakin' blast.

Sure, I had some doubts about the letters and whether I was gonna come up with anything for all 26 days. It wasn't easy. 

It also wasn't rocket science. I was hanging out with a gnome for goodness sake.

Pros: Stormy is just funny.

Cons: Stormy became a permanent fixture in my life. I had to make sure I brought him and the camera every where I went. Just in case.

Pros: Posting pictures each day was a lot easier than writing. I mean, his face did most of the talking.

Cons: Posting pictures each day was a lot easier than writing. Which kept it from actually being a challenge. I do think next year I will pick a theme that doesn't rely so heavily on photos.

Pros: Stormy has all kinds of new fans, and not just on the blog. Every where I went people wanted to know what I was doing with a gnome.

Cons: I hate talking to people. I tried to be as covert as I could but sometimes its just not possible. You pull a gnome out of your bag and set him somewhere for a photo shoot...people want to know what the hell you're doing.

To sum it all up:
I'm glad I did it, just as I was last year.
I'm thankful so many people came to visit me, old and new.
I'm happy I convinced my MOM to do it. I think she had fun.
I'm thrilled I found so many new and interesting blogs.
I'm amazed at what some of my wonderful blog friends came up with to surprise us each day.

A giant THANK YOU to our wonderful hosts for all the hard work and long hours they put in on the challenge.

But...keep a weather eye on the never know when someone might come out for a visit.


  1. I'm sure you did get questions hauling a lawn gnome around town! Your theme was the best one, Heather. Don't worry that it was mostly photos. You could do the same thing next year and it would rock. Remember, half the Challenge is visiting other blogs as well as posting.
    Glad you had an awesome time!

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog! I really enjoyed reading about Stormy's adventures.

  3. One of the things I loved about this blogfest was finding unique ideas, and yours definitely qualified :) Can't wait to see if Stormy has some new adventures non-alphabetically required :)

  4. your challenge was getting out of your comfort zone!
    you did it! thanks to stormy & heather for brightening my april!

  5. I think your theme was AWESOME! It was one of my favs (in fact, I mentioned you in my reflections ;) ) Stormy is a hoot and I'm glad I found your blog. Looking forward to future posts. :)

  6. I, for one, LOVED your theme & photos. After trolling & reading so many blogs everyday, it was a relief to wind down with Stormy & laugh a little. So thanks for that!

  7. I loved your theme! Stormy is awesome, as are you! Thanks for visiting my blog and all the comments!

  8. Alex – Thank you, sir. You certainly made my days more entertaining with your snark. Thanks for all the support.

    Dana – I’m glad you did too! I appreciate that.

    Tasha – You are so sweet to say that. I’m very happy so many people had fun with him.

    Tara – It’s so true, my friend. And thank you for you coming to visit every day.

    Kela – You are too kind! I’m so glad. I will be over to visit later! Thank you.

    Nancy – You rock for saying that. I love that. Thank you so much.

    MJ – Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without all of you guys and your wonderful comments!

    Thanks everyone.

  9. That's funny that everyone wanted to know what you were doing with a gnome.

  10. "I hate talking to people." That just made me laugh. Your theme was so much fun! I hope I think up something half as good for next year.

  11. I think I'm in Stormy withdrawal. Sniff. My favorite was the shower/Psycho blog with the little stuffed tiger. Classic!

    Is there a T-shirt with "Got Gnome?" on it? I see an opportunity . . .

  12. Loved your pros and cons - you always make me laugh, and smile, and nod my head in agreement. "I hate talking to people" - I know how that feels sometimes . . .even though I do like talking to random strangers some of the time, I can imagine the conversations that would start over a gnome photo shoot.

  13. Funny. I bet people did talk to you. :)

  14. Yay, well I loved reading about Stormy!

  15. Clarissa – Yeah. It was pretty interesting sometimes.

    Michael – I’m afraid it’s true. Even in my own town!

    Tamara – That is so cool that you remember! I do like ‘Got Gnome’ but I’m afraid he’s technically not my Gnome!

    Tyrean – Thank you. I’m so glad. Taking the gnome out was like walking a puppy!

    Tonja – Sometimes I just couldn’t avoid it. But, it wasn’t too terrible.

    Jaycee – Thank you. I’m so glad.

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate your comments!

  16. Yay, another peek at Stormy. I was starting to have withdrawal.

    Please do let me know how your trip to Disney goes. Who knows you might just have 26 new tips for us next April. :D

  17. Stormy was great fun, people were talking about him all over the place :)

  18. Nicki - Ha! Maybe I need to put a picture of him up all the time!

    baygirl32 - Thank you. Yes, I saw some mentions and I'm completely thrilled and honored by them!

    Thanks guys,

  19. I'm glad you had so much fun. It was a great idea to use a gnome for the A-Z challenge.

  20. Jessica - Thank you so much. It was kind of crazy but it turned out good.

    Thanks for the support.

  21. It's cool that you Mom got involved. And you took the Challenge by Storm. I don't gnome how you managed but you pulled it off.


    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  22. Sir Lee! You came! I'm not sure how I pulled it off either but it was pretty damn cool!
    Thank you for all your hard work!

  23. Congratulation on finishing the challenge. I didn't visit all blogs during the challenge but, cross my heart, I'm visiting every single one with reflection post! I am so glad my journey brought me here.

    Evalina, This and that...

  24. EvalinaMaria - Well I appreciate that you have come to see me! Thank you very much.


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