Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A very un-scientific poll.

I'm a few thousand words from finishing Maguire's Corner.

Thank the Universe.

But, as you guys are perfectly aware, the end is just as important as the beginning.

As a reader, it's what you will always remember about the book.

So, I'm going to give you guys a brief description of my book and then I'd like you to answer a quick question for me.

There are no right or wrong answers, it's purely opinion.


Maguire's Corner is a contemporary romance set in a small town in NY. The book begins with a murder and car chase and contains multiple crimes, more murder, kidnapping and a steamy romance all through out.

I hope that's enough to go on.

My question is this. 

Do you prefer a book that ends at the culmination of an action scene?

Do you prefer a book that ends after the action scene but there is a short wrap up of events and characters? Where everything is explained and tied up in a nice neat bow?

Do you prefer a third option that I can't think of? 

Thank you for your time!


  1. I like the short wrap-up. And that's how I end my books as well.

  2. Short-wrap up with a crazy twist where the murderer tells your hero he's really his father from another timeline but because aliens destroyed his earth he came here to find you but he got a brain cloud when he traveled through time and that's why he was murdering people.

    Or something that you like instead would be fine.


  3. I'm with Anonymous. Definitely short wrap up, but, make sure the 2 main characters don't find out they are brother and sister torn apart at birth and their father is a War Lord with a hoarse (which is like a lisp only different) and a neat flashlight.

  4. i love a wrap up. like the end of romancing the stone. and my novel, of course!

    keep up the progress!

  5. You're writing a romance and not a mystery novel right? Well then, I would have the happy wrap up. If it were mystery, I'd leave it where it was.

  6. I think that you must resolve the central story issues for the reader or the reader will feel cheated.

  7. I like everything wrapped up. Sometimes that occurs with the end of an action scene, but usually it takes a few pages of wrap up. My two cents. Now I'm going to read what others said.

  8. I like the second option. Short wrap up please :)

  9. I like the wrap-up. Perfect for happy endings.

  10. Well I would go with the mass verdict on this one and do a wrap up. but maybe leave some sort of quirky question a sort of either or that would allow you to take your story onto the next book. Books do not necessarily need to end in a blaze of action if the writing is good and the twists and turns are a unpredictable, if ultimately it makes sense to the reader.

  11. Ooh, I love giving my opinion. :) I like a short wrap up - nothing too dragged out, and maybe not all tied up neatly. I like it when I'm left to conjure some parts of the characters' future within my own mind. For example, I loved the Harry Potter series and absolutely despise the epilogue of the 7th book - Rowling wrapped up too much of the characters' futures and tied it with too crisp of a bow. And yet...that doesn't spoil the series at all for me (I just ignore the epi) so in the end, do what feels right to YOU. ;)

  12. I'm excited for you that you're almost done! I like romances to end after the action with a short wrap-up of loose ends and the protagonist's love life. Since it is a romance, it has to focus on the relationship and so much end on that note.

  13. Short wrap-up! Final answer. :)

  14. Hey, congrats Heather,

    I wish I had an answer ... it really depends on the story. From your short synopsis, it seems to be a fast, action-packed story, so I think an exciting culmination to end it would be appropriate. I hope this helps.

    If it is more descriptive, detailed oriented, with a complex storyline, then I would prefer a more rounded up ending.

  15. I like a short wrap up that doesn't actually wrap too much up. I love open endings - I like writing them, and I love reading them.

  16. An action ending leaves the reader hanging, like something is missing. A SHORT wrap up is good; it lets me ease out of the character and let me know everything will be okay. But it has to be short. I just finished a book that dragged on for three chapters wrapping up.

  17. I'm a total HEA kind of gal. I want everything tied up in a pretty bow. I get mad when it's not. :)

  18. Alex – Thank you!

    PS – You’re some kind of evil genius. I like it!

    Suz – Groan. Groan. Groan!

    Tara – Sounds good. Thanks.

    Clarissa – Excellent point. Thank you.

    Liz – I would feel cheated too. Thank you.

    Carol – Fair enough. I have to agree.

    Johanna – Yes, ma’am! Thanks!

    L. Diane – So true. Thank you.

    Rob – Makes perfect sense. Thanks!

    Nicki – Thanks for giving me an example too. Great help.

    Christine – Really good info. Thank you.

    DL – Thank you!

    Michael – Thanks for your opinion!

    Annalisa – Noted! Thank you!

    L.A. – Excellent. I agree. Thank you!

    Ciara – Brilliant. Thanks!

    You guys are the best! Thank you so much for your help!

  19. I agree with most of the commenters that a short wrap-up is the way to go, but keep the tied up bow a little loose.

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  21. I know I'm already too late since you've finished your book, but I'm all for the wrap-up. I hate when books just end. No explanation. Nothing. A reader needs time to wind down at the end.

  22. Michael - Well said. A little loose it is!

    Nancy - Never too late for good advice! Thank you!



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