Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Remotely posting from the sidelines.

I am currently at football practice watching other people yell at my kid for a change. So awesome.
I have been very busy lately with everything but editing. Hoping when the rug rat goes back to school I'll have the time.
I have a secret that I've been keeping from the short spud since March. The incredible husband and I have been making blood sacrifices to the giant rodent in Florida.
This is code in case the six year old decides to read my blog.
We leave on Saturday. We're going to wake him at about three am and tell him to get his butt dressed.
It should be sufficiently evil and wonderful at the same time.
Its his first plane ride and first time going to see the hairy rat.
We have a great trip planned but not overly planned. We know its going to be hot and humid but I'm from NY so that's not new to us.
We are staying on property so that should make it pleasant too.
And we are doing as much cheesy pirate stuff as possible.
I'll be sure to share all the gory details when I get back.
I wasn't cool enough to pre-write blog posts so it will be quiet over here for a week.
Enjoy the silence cause when I get back I am tearing into my query letter and sending out this stupid book!
I could scream that I'm still in the same damn place that I've been for two years! Scream!
I'm really happy for all my friends who are publishing but its my turn.

I'll try to post once more before we leave.

How are you guys?
Anyone go see the fuzzy ferret before?


  1. I don't have the cypher key. I have no idea what the ferret means unless it's really a ferret. :)

    Best of luck to you on your queries. I outlined half a novel during a preschool parent orientation meeting. It's the only writing I've gotten done all month. I'm looking forward to 5th grade orientation so I can finish it. :)

  2. Enjoy the trip to see MM. You are going to have a blast! I hope Stormy gets to go too!

    Be safe - love you!

  3. How fun! Let us know what his reaction is when he figures out where he's going. I've never been there, but we might take the kids someday.

    I'm still at Camp NaNoWriMo. I'm working hard but find myself about a day behind on my word count now because I refused to work on my birthday/anniversary. Other than that, I'm trying to spend as much time as possible with the kids before school starts for the oldest one. Le sigh.

  4. Oh man, he's gonna have so much fun!! I've been to both DW when I was a kid & DL with my hubs & son. It's great to enjoy through their eyes. Good luck on tweaking the query. You're right, it's your turn now. I'd be happy to introduce you to SSP if you want. The rest is up to you. Can't wait to see a few pics from the MK!

  5. Does Stormy get his own seat in the plane or is he herding cats while you are gone?

  6. Tonja – Sorry. It’s the giant park in FL! I hope you finish your outline! What a great place to work!

    K. – Thank you. Stormy is not attending. Too big!

    Dana – If the video turns out ok we might post it. I can’t wait for his face! Best of luck finishing with camp!

    Nancy – I hope so. It’s going to be more fun for us watching him I think! I will be posting pics I’m sure! Thank you.

    Suz – He will be home guarding the cats I believe. He’s just too big to take with us. I thought about a smaller version but the husband may get annoyed.

    Thanks for the visit!

  7. yaaaaaaaaaaay!
    you are going to have an awesome time!
    if your little guy has ever liked star wars, you have to do the jedi training at hollywood studios next to the ride! and since you are stayingon property, see if hollywood opens early so you can get fast passes or just ride toy story mania!
    do the fast passes as much as possible! saves time!
    you are going at a good time, people going back to school.
    kay, running out of room - email me if you want me to ramble on (i also have a few disney posts)

  8. Tara - Thanks for the tips! We do want to do those things. A few states have started school, but not all of them so we may not have the place to ourselves. :)
    Of course we have some weather issues but it is FL. So be it!
    Thanks for the help. I hope to share some great pics when we get back!


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