Friday, August 24, 2012

Wrap up and special guest surprise!!!

Hello everyone.

Couple of things before I go on vacation. 

1. I used the Jedi guilt trick...on myself. I felt so bad after I wrote to you guys and told you that I wasn't cool enough to write any posts for next week that I had to do something about it.


I asked Stormy the Weather Gnome to fill in ALL next week!

Oh, and he said YES!!

2. Someone asked how the BOY was doing in football. He's doing great! He's a real team player which translates to 'he talks too much' but he seems to be well liked. He's having fun and I think we can all agree that's what its all about.

His fingers are a little off but its the intent that counts!

So, I'll see you in about a week. Have a good time. Don't forget to designate a driver. And always remember...

Just for laughs...

Will you miss me?
Looking forward to seeing what Stormy has to say for a whole week?


  1. Have a great holiday! After a wheee! period of stuff happening, I'm getting back into the routine and hope to drop by more often.

    I loved Stormy's photo! Yep, it's about the fun.

  2. Those were funny! And awesome Stormy is filling in for you. Hope it doesn't go to his head. Have a great vacation, Heather!

  3. Looking forward to Stormy's reports. They may be reports of tropical weather in FLA- let's hope not. I'd love to see him do his song and tap dance routine, leaves you LOL.
    I know he'll be holding down the home front for you while you are gone.

  4. Enjoy your vacation. Looking forward to seeing Stormy again!

  5. I love that last one. Saw it all over FB this week. And of course we'll miss you, but thanks for sending Stormy to keep us company. Have a blast!

  6. Have a great vacation! I'll miss you, but it'll be great to see Stormy again. :)

  7. We get to see Stormy again! Have a wonderful vacation.

  8. ROTFL, love the Star Wars and Iron Man ones! :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  9. so awesome! all of it!
    priceless! go little guy!
    and yeah! iron man!! ha!

    looking forward to stormy subbing for you!
    will miss you, have a great time!!

  10. Enjoy your time off. That pic of your little guy looks too cute. =)


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