Wednesday, December 5, 2012

IWSG - A happy writing memory!

It's the first Wednesday of the the hell did that happen?...and its time for Alex J. Cavanaugh's The Insecure Writer's Support Group!

Trolling the blogosphere I noticed another blogger mentioned they had just begun a fiction collaboration with another writer.

It reminded me of how I began writing stories.

While in high school a friend and I would write chapters to each other in a notebook and exchange it between classes.

Even then I was writing romantic stories.

Girls in love with Rock Gods go to see them in concert. Rock Gods notice girls. Rock Gods fall in love with girls and take them on tour with them, living happily ever after.

You know that story, right?

The challenging part was you never knew what your friend was going to write. It could have been anything. Whatever it was you just had to pick up from there and keep going.

I hated high school. Absolutely, positively hated high school. But, writing those stories is about the only happy memory of those years that I have.

Can you remember how you started writing?


  1. No wonder I wanted to be a rock god when I grew up...
    I wrote some in high school but forgot about it until many years later.
    And I hated high school as well.

  2. I too hated high school. I wrote poems in physics class to keep myself awake. :)

  3. That would've been so much fun. Don't know why my best friend and I never did that.

  4. Alex - I think you are a Rock God! Good to hear I am not alone.

    Tonja - I would have hated school even more if I had physics class. :)

    L. Diane - Never too late to put it on the bucket list.


  5. That's funny... my best friend in seventh grade and I used to write collaborations all the time. I read a lot of Sweet Valley High books and she read a lot of Stephen King novels so our collaborations were pretty much twins in a horror movie. But hey, it was super fun. Even if we did scare our teacher.

    Outside of my small circle of friends, I didn't much care for high school either.

  6. It's great that writing made your high school experience bearable. I think my first real writing experience also happened in high school. I wrote a poem one day. It was a real teenage-girl angst-filled poem, filled with strange romantic ideas. But, and this is why I remember it, my friend's LOVED it. I still remember their response, and I think it helped shape my desire to create written works. Great IWSG post!

  7. I wrote and produced my first play in the sixth grade. I've loved writing and reading for as long as I can remember. I loved high school, well most of it, composition is where I really excelled but those teachers forgot to include the art of English, and that is my painful downfall!

  8. This was fun---thanks for sharing. I wish I had been a writer in high school!

  9. Thankfully you had a positive writing memory from HS...

    Yes, I remember vividly how I began to seriously write. My business had sank to a new low and I had WAY too much time on my hands, so I decided to write and illustrate my first m./g Fantasy novel.

  10. I was inspired by "chapter books" when I first began reading them. My parents had a typewriter and one Saturday I had my mom set it up on the dining room table and I began typing my first story. I think I still have it somewhere!

  11. High school was and still is my idea of hell. It is great that you have your writing memories from high school. I remember being that awkward kid in school that was constantly just scribbling, just to avoid certain people.

  12. M.J. – I love twins in a horror movie! That could still work!

    Kim – Ah yes, it’s great when the friends love our stuff! Thanks for coming.

    Yolanda – A play in sixth grade? Wow. I’m way behind!

    Morgan – Thank you! Thanks for stopping in!

    Michael – Time on your hands. Remember that? No? Me neither! : )

    Karen – Nothing like the sound of a real typewriter. The feeling of accomplishment with every click of a letter!

    Murees – Avoidance was a major part of my life. Still is!

    Thanks for coming everyone!

  13. That's a great story & would actually make a great story to write about! Think of the possibilities. I guess I'm the odd man out. I loved high school. It was when I blossomed. But my son hated his school so I know how hard it can be. More fuel for the story fire!

  14. Nancy - I know lots of people who loved school. I could never wrap my head around why but they did. I won't hold it against you!


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