Wednesday, December 19, 2012

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum...

I received lots of wonderful comments about Monday's post, Dear [______], and I really appreciate that.


Today, I want to share pictures of my Christmas tree. It's about the only thing I do decorate for Christmas.

Growing up we always had an artificial tree. I didn't mind it at all until we bought our first real tree. There was nothing like it.

The way the warm white lights shimmer on the soft fir branches and the smell of the freshly cut tree in the house, I was hooked.

Our house isn't very big so in order to get Mr. Tree in I have to move the loveseat out of the living room. Trying to fit two adults, one seven year old and four cats onto one couch is not as easy as it sounds.




Nightlight w/ flash
Believe me when I tell you that this is 1400 lights and my husband wants more.

Just a few of my favorite ornaments. We lost quite a few of our decorations and ornaments last year in a flood from Hurricane Irene. But, we did get some new ones so it's starting to fill out more. 

 My son made me the star for the top of the tree last year. I think it's perfect.

I'm not a religious person, I think I've mentioned that, but I do hope that the holiday season brings us all some peace and goodwill towards our fellow man, woman and child.

And college football. I hope it brings that too.


Merry & Happy!

Anyone else want to share tree photos? Leave links in your comments and I can put them up on Friday's post!    


  1. That's a mighty fine looking Christmas tree, decorated with love!

  2. Actually, we had a live tree every year until your grandparents moved and gave us that pre-decorated artificial tree. I guess that would have been when you were 7 or 8. I hated that tree, it represented everything I dislike in the holiday.Worse still, all the home made, child made, mean something special to me ornaments looked so out of place on its branches. Guess we went back to live trees when you were a teen.
    The tree that will always remain in my heart was the year your Grandma passed away in the middle of December. I was too traumatized to even think of decorating the tree we had bought. You and your brother,Pete, came home early from the funeral and decorated the tree as a healing gift for me.
    Your tree is beautiful, as beautiful as you are to me. Love, Mom

  3. It's beautiful! Nothing better than a great big tree all lit up for the holidays!

  4. Your tree is beautiful - and huge!!! Lots of room for presents though.
    But it needs a Stormy ornament...

  5. love marvin! i had a taz but my clumsy littlest elf broke it last year...ah, well
    and i have one of tjose mickey ears santa ones!

  6. DOn't know if this will work, but here's my tree.... no, look up!!!/photo.php?fbid=4645658153247&set=a.1030425894700.6037.1646952500&type=3&theater

  7. Perfectly gorgeous! Enjoy the smell of fresh pine :D

  8. Thanks everyone.

    Thanks for setting me straight, Mom. I'm glad someone remembers the facts.


  9. That is one huge tree!! And very beautiful! I just posted a few pics on my Facebook page for your viewing pleasure. Merry merry!

  10. Awesome tree! We didn't put up one this year because we adopted a dog a couple of weeks ago. It's enough with adjusting to a new family and a new home without adding a decorated tree to the mix. Merry Christmas!

  11. Susanne - Wow. Puppies are so much cooler than trees!

    Thank you so much everyone for the nice comments!



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