Tuesday, February 12, 2013

#amwriting...Stormy's storm coverage.

I feel victorious!

I probably shouldn't say this cause I tend to jinx myself but I started writing today and I'm hoping its going to continue.

So, I won't stay long but I wanted to share some Stormy storm photos with you from last week with the captions from Facebook as they were posted.

Have a great day!

This is Stormy the Weather Gnome reporting to you from the front sidewalk. We've got some coverage here but nothing of significant note. Stay tuned as the day progresses.

This is Sparks the Fire Gnome reporting to you from the front sidewalk. There are no fires in the immediate vicinity. All is well.

StWG - Sparks?
StFG - Yeah, Stormy.
StWG - What are you doing, slick?
StFG - Just doing my report.
StWG - This is my turf, kid. I do the reporting. It's a storm not a fire.
StFG - Ok. I thought you might want some help.
StWG - Look, tiger, I appreciate your assertiveness but this is my beat. Watch and learn.

Well this sucks.
This is Stormy the Weather Gnome reporting from the front yard. The snow is a little deeper now and we are expecting a few more inches. Stay tuned for updates in the dark! -- Stick with me, Sparks, and I'll teach the ropes in no time. Sparks?

OK. This is Stormy the Weather Gnome reporting to you from the very dark front yard. It's much darker than anticipated and it's now really quite cold. The snow is getting deeper and, well, did I mention it was dark and cold?
This is Stormy the Weather Gnome reporting from the couch.
The nice, warm, cozy, no snow on my butt, couch.
Sparks and I will be signing off for tonight. Stay warm and safe. NYS is under a State of Emergency so stay off the roads if possible.
Back to you!

Saturday morning.
StWG - Well, Sparks, that was some storm. What did you think of your first big blizzard?
StFG - Ungfh
StWg - What was that?


  1. Hilarious! Glad they got to come inside and get warm.

  2. Ever thought of doing a comic about them?

  3. those two make a great comedy team!

  4. Holy moly, it looks like a lot more than butts are freezing! Those poor snowbound gnomes. You'll have to send them to Southern Utah for some much needed sun!

  5. LOL! A few more inches and you'll lose Sparks for sure.

  6. I agree with Tara :)
    Happy writing!

  7. This was just fantastic. I am glad to see stormy has a friend. All of the best with the writing.

  8. Thanks for stopping in guys. I'm glad I could bring the smiles over here too.


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