Thursday, February 21, 2013

An interview with a blogger...and the truth.

I was interviewed recently. I'm not very good at it. You'd think I could come up with something more interesting than the bland comments that I submitted. You'd think.

Maria Buscher from A Journey from Creation to Publication contacted me to see if I'd be interested in talking about my So You Think You Can Write Contest experience.

And I was.

So, I did.
Click HERE to check out my short but oh so sweet interview.


Now...about that truth...

When I answered those questions I was being completely truthful.

Since I answered those questions a few things have changed.

I have now made some small changes to the manuscript.

It is no longer out for query.

I haven't sent it to anyone else...yet.

I'm no longer working on book two cause I'm back to working on book one.


I guess those weren't a whole lot of non-truths. Just adjustments.

I have to say...I'm having some trouble seeing where I need to 'add more' in book one.

I thought that I was missing a lot of romance and plot but when I'm reading it I think it's there.

It's so difficult to judge your own work.

It's actually weird to read the book again after so much time. I keep finishing sections and saying...I wrote that? Huh. I don't remember writing that.

I'll keep plodding along and perhaps I'll have an epiphany or a breakthrough or a pyschotic break. 

Whichever comes first.





  1. Heather, I read your interview answers and, quite honestly, thought they were spot-on. Too many of these interviews posted ramble on and on, all the while saying nothing. I have a very positive impression of your interview.

  2. Just read your interview!
    Funny, I did one for a magazine last year, and by the time it came out, one of my answers needed serious adjustment as well. Oh well.
    And we got to see the woman behind the gnome! You have a sweet smile, Heather.

  3. Harlequin is really picky about the formula. There are many other romance publishers who don't have strict formula requirements though.

  4. I'm pulling for the breakthrough!! :)

  5. It was a wonderful interview. Just keep polishing and querying. I querying one novel a few years back. It got interest, but no one picked it up. I realized I was marketing it all wrong. Maybe later this year, I'll try it again. Good luck!

  6. Kittie - Thank you so much. That was nice to hear. I appreciate it.

    Alex - Thank you! Such a nice compliment! You rock!

    L. Diane - Yes, it's so true. I will have better luck elsewhere I think.

    DL - ME TOO! I hope! If we all hope!

    Christine - Thank you. You're right...just keep trying.

    Thanks guys!

  7. things change. moment by moment. when it feels right you will know!

    have another reader? i am here to help if you ever want =)


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