Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The number you have dialed....

You know...
I'm getting a little fed up with Blogger.
It's just small things now but they're adding up.

For one...
I tried to leave comments on friends blogs yesterday and today and if the comment box was embedded then the comment was eaten by Blogger.

If the comment box was a pop-up it seemed to work fine.

I changed mine today to become a pop-up comment box.

If anyone has trouble with this please email me

*** special guest, Tracey Sorel, didn't get a lot of love yesterday (maybe because of the comment problem) and I feel REALLY bad.

Maybe if you have a minute you could go read her interview HERE.


Heading back to editing Maguire's Corner. I made it through by paper, now I just have to make the actual changes.

But, I'll leave you with...

Moonstruck is one of my absolute favorite movies. Mostly for Olympia Dukakis. She is simply brilliant.


  1. I agree with blogger. My current pet peeve is it messes with the font and my posts end up with two different fonts even after repeated tries to make it uniform. And double agree with Moonstruck. I especially love the part where Olympia's character says no to her would be paramour. I can't remember the exact line now but it was perfect.

  2. I have a love hate relationship with blogger. right now, i love it, but you're one of the first stops I've done today, so we'll see ;)

    And you're going to think I'm so lame, but I've never seen moonstruck! I better get on that.

  3. It was my frustration with blogger that sent me to Wordpress to create my author website. Now my blogger blog can be a simple blog I write on when I feel like and if it disappears (which it has done twice before) I'm covered.

  4. Maybe some of it has to do with your browser?
    And I've noticed it's the embedded comment boxes that have the most issues, which is why I've always used a pop-up.
    Good choice today. Now, "Snap out of it!"

  5. i prefer & use the pop up comments, too.

    and as for interviews, they tend to not receive a lot of comments in general... just how it is, i guess.

    always something with this confounded technology.

    whats the saying?
    cant live with it, cant shoot it?

  6. I can't even remember how my comments work. Most of my problems arise at work, where I have an antiquated version of IE which prevents me from leaving comments.

  7. Thanks guys.
    I love when I write I'm having an issue and find out I'm not alone!


  8. Moonstruck's absolutely one of my faves as well. "A wolf without a foot!!!" :-D


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