Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stormy's Bucket List - P - Blogging from A to Z!

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Stormy's Bucket List
P - Piano

I've always wanted to learn to play piano.

Got any requests?

I know Chopsticks or Rachmaninoff's Prelude in G Minor!


  1. I always wanted to learn to play, too!

  2. Hahaha. I'm playing the latter on Youtube right now. What a fun song. Go Stormy go

  3. How about Heart and Soul? ;) Have a great day, Stormy!

  4. Gnome Gnome on the range seems like a good choice . . . . . .

  5. i learned the piano when i was 7 but i only had lessons for a couple of months. Wish I had pursued it.

  6. I taught myself to play the piano in high school. Never learned any Rachmanioff, but I could do justice to some Mozart and Beeethoven.

    Never did figure out chopsticks though...

  7. I play -- badly. I don't have enough time to practice, but when I do, guess what?

  8. I still play! I'm not too skilled at reading sheet music though, but my Yamaha U3 upright has a Disklavier system so it's like an old player piano only driven by a computer. That way, I can watch the piano play itself and mimic it. I've learned a lot of Chopin and Mozart that way. Good luck with the Rach, one the most difficult pieces out there!

  9. I used to drive my family crazy with Chopsticks! Hope you get your piano some day so you can too... :)

    Naomi @ Cornet Crafts

  10. hahaha!
    You're too funny, Stormy.
    Chopsticks - all the way!

  11. Cute posts.

    Cynthia (The Sock Zone)
    a to z challenge

  12. Maybe you could play Heart and Soul if d-rizzle and the Sparkster helped!

  13. mshatch - I'm all thumbs!

    Stephen - He's got talent!

    Dana - That's a good one!

    Rob - I like it! Very much!

    Alex - If you hum a few bars...

    nutschell - Wish I could play piano like I type!

    M.J. - I'd love to hear you play!

    Amy - It's a start, right?

    Nancy - Cool! That sounds awesome.

    Al - You got it!

    Naomi - Crazy good, right? Thanks for coming.

    Carol - He's funny...looking!

    blueflute - Thank you!

    Andrea - That's a lot of help!

    Thanks everyone!

  14. How about something original? A Stormy classic.

  15. Impressive repertoire, my dear. You might tackle Stairway to Heaven next. ;-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  16. That piano looks like it's well-tuned!
    I'm a classically trained pianist, though I don't play too much classical stuff at the moment...
    How about Beethoven's Fur Elise or Moonlight Sonata?

    Writer In Transit

  17. Growing up, I had a neighbor who taught me how to play the piano. I didn't have a piano, so the only time I could practice was when she let me use hers. The neighbor eventually moved away, so then there were no more lessons. : ( I'd still like to pursue it again someday, if I can ever afford to buy a piano.

  18. Christine - Not sure he can create his own music. I'll ask him.

    Michelle - Furry what? :)

    Susanne - The piano is a beautiful instrument. It always upset me that I can type with two hands but I can't play any two-handed instruments.

    Thanks for coming by everyone!


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