Friday, May 17, 2013

Best and Worst Movie Remakes Blogfest!

Hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh, Stephen Tremp, Livia Peterson, and Al Diaz.

When Hollywood runs out of ideas, they remake older films. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it fails miserably.

On May 17, list the best remake you’ve ever seen and the worst.

Added bonus – list the worst and/or best song remake you’ve ever heard!

Note: What I learned while trying to come up with movies for this blogfest.

1. I don’t watch as many movies as I used to. Or as I think I do.

2. I don’t watch a lot of remakes. I’m sure it’s the principle of the thing and not just because of reason #1. (yeah, right)


Ocean’s 11: Both of these movies had a long list of talented actors. But, when you put Clooney, Pitt and Damon in the same movie, magic. 


Clash of the Titans: What were they thinking? The original is so bad we still make fun of it to this day. But, it was cheesy and that’s what the eighties were all about. The remake? They should have left well enough alone. 

On the fence. 

Red Dawn: There was a raw feeling to the original that they couldn’t capture and duplicate in the remake. 

But, the remake has Chris Hemsworth.

Nuff said.

Added bonus: Best/Worst song remake. 

Here are a few of the remakes I love...

Simple Man
Original: Lynyrd Skynyrd
Remake: Shinedown

Smooth Criminal
Original: Michael Jackson
Remake: Alien Ant Farm

Bad Company
Original: Bad Company
Remake: Five Finger Death Punch

In the air tonight
Original: Phil Collins

Turn the Page
Original: Bob Seger
Remake: Metallica

What's on your list?


  1. You are awesome! Our movie picks almost match exactly.
    Do not like Michael Jackson, but that Alien Ant Farm remake is great. And Metallica? As I said, you are awesome, Heather.
    Thanks for participating in our blogfest!

  2. Great picks; I'm going to have to check out some of those music remakes...

  3. I wish I'd known about this blog hop and signed up!

    I think one of the worst (but there are many) song remakes was Girls Aloud and Sugababe's Walk This Way. Just no.

  4. Clash of the Titans was horrible.

    Someone redid In the Air Tonight?

  5. I liked Clash of the Titans, but totally agree with you on Ocean's 11...that was on my 'best' list, too :)

  6. Cool picks! Love your on the fence reason. :)
    And great songs!

  7. Those have been popular picks. :) I always forget that Ocean's Eleven is a remake! It's so good. :)

  8. Great lists. Especially Turn The Page.

  9. OCean's 11 just rocked! Lot of Star power there for sure.

  10. I agree with you on the film remakes. Didn't mention them but they are in my list too. I'll have to listen the songs. I also realized I don't watch as many movies as I used to. Thanks for participating, Heather.

  11. Oceans Eleven is a common one today...I agree, too-it really is more than a simple remake.

    I didn't care for either Clash Of The Titans films...

  12. Both CLASH and WRATH of those titans were so stinkin' BAD! I sure hope they don't make any more, because of course I'll watch them too. (No self control sometimes...)

  13. Clooney and Pitt would make a great baby.

  14. Just realized that whatever rock I live under is far larger than I realized!

  15. Alex - I love our picks! We both rock! Thanks for hosting another great fest!

    mshatch - These were great ones. Thanks for coming.

    Mama J - Ha! Great ones to stay away from. Thank you!

    L. Diane - Groan, so bad! Yes, it's pretty good too!

    Mark - It's all about the Pitt!

    Tyrean - Nuff said! Thank you!

    Rachel - It's so much fun to watch them work together!

    Donna - Thank you! Thanks for stopping in.

    nutschell - Excellent cast. Can you imagine hanging out w/ these guys for a month?

    Al - Yeah. I'm very behind in my films! Thanks for hosting!

    DiscConnected - It does seem popular! Thanks for coming by!

    Milo - Sad but true. I have a long list of movies I just keep watching over and over.

    PTM - Ha! Now that's funny.

    Andrea - I feel your rock pain. :)

    Thanks for coming everyone!


  16. Getting here late, sorry.

    We both picked Ocean's 11 as best, as did a number of other people. Clash of the Titans was quite deserving of a worst. I never watched the Red Dawn remake so I'll take your word on that one.

  17. LD - I'm wandering around late this evening!
    Ocean's did get a lot of attention today.
    Thanks for coming!

  18. I've seen both of those movies on people's list today! Clearly y'all are on the same page/

    Chris Hemsworth... :)

  19. Best movie remake: John Carpenter's the thing.

    Worst movie remake: So many, but Planet of the Apes popped into my head.

    Best song remake: Nirvana Where did you sleep last night.

    Worst song remake: Anything by Guns and Roses lol

  20. I loved Oceans 11, didn't like Clash of the Titans and never saw the originals of either.


  21. Samantha - Yeah. Chris Hemsworth. I agree!

    Mike - Not a bad list! Thanks for sharing!

    Rhonda - Yep. I agree!

    Thanks for stopping in!


  22. You chose wisely on my blog, and you're invited to claim your prize: flowomiles AT

  23. I'm with you on the Smooth Criminal cover. I also dig Orgy's cover of New Order's Blue Monday. In both songs, I really enjoy the harder, driving motion of the music.
    Some Dark Romantic

  24. I'm the opposite to Alex - love Michael Jackson and hate the AAF remake of that song ;)

    The only movie I've seen on your list is the remake of Ocean's 11, and I do remember liking it. It's just been so long since I saw it I can't remember it!

  25. I loved Ocean's 11. I never saw Clash of the Titans though. Or Red Dawn, but you had me at Chris Hemsworth.

  26. excellent lists! you know your music!
    i couldnt think of any...

    yay for tomorrow!

  27. seeing chris hemsworth a bunch lately (in that horrible snow white movie, in thor preview, here!)
    i wonder if he'd make a good cooper! hmm.

  28. great touch adding in the music too!!

  29. Even with the horrible special effects, the original Clash of the Titans is a fantastic movie. It has magic that the remake didn't have.

  30. I've seen Oceans 11 on a lot of lists...and for good reason! :)

  31. It seems like Ocean's 11 made a lot of people's lists. I loved it but I've never seen the original so I have no basis for comparison.

    And I recall seeing Clash of the Titans on Alex's list, as well. I purposefully skipped the remake because people said it was so bad.

    Love the Alien Ant Farm remake of Smooth Criminal. Don't know the others, but I believe you.

  32. Milo - That is so awesome! Thank you! I can't wait to read it!

    Mina - I'll have to check out Blue Monday. I didn't know about that one. I do like the harder versions of all these songs.

    Trisha - It's time for a Pitt/Clooney marathon, I think!

    M.J. - It's not Oscar winning but its nice to just watch him walk around and look tough. Yep. I'm shallow. :)

    Tara - I'm on Youtube a whole lot!

    Tara - He's just too handsome. Winning smile. Brooding good looks. Sound like anyone you know?

    Tammy - Thank you!

    Christine - I know. Just something about it. I'm sure the directors of the new one thought they had a slam dunk. Oh well.

    DL - Yeah. It was a blast.

    Beverly - The original was good, don't get me wrong. It had a great cast and of course the concept was fantastic. They just managed to remake it wonderfully. Thanks for stopping in!

    Thank you for all the great comments everyone!


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