Friday, May 24, 2013

Two BIG Thanks and some other awesome stuff to tell you!


Holy crap on a cracker.

I have the best friends and family. Ever.

You guys have made me feel ... fantastic!

Maguire's Corner is doing really well and I'm starting to get some great feedback from readers.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


And, Alex J. Cavanaugh, you're amazing.

He gave out 6 'Ninja Captain Alex says, YOU ROCK!' awards today and I'm amazed, proud and thankful that I am one of them.

Check it out on his blog!


So, what else?

One of my co-finalists in the So You Think You Can Write contest, and fellow FSU fan, has published her book, too! I had a quick and dirty interview with her that I'd like to share with you!

Welcome, Alexis Anne!

1. What's your beauty salon / grocery store / dry cleaners / school parking lot "Oh. You're an author? What's your book about?" pitch for Filters.
Imagine if all your Facebook messages went public and there was nothing you could do about it.  Everything from cheating, to lying, to espionage, to secrets, or even a profession of love you'd never tell someone in public.  It's all out there for anyone to see.  All of that chaos... that's what Filters is. 

2. Do you have a favorite sci-fi / super hero? Why?
I have always, always, always wished I was Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan.  She's smart, sassy, and a lot smart-assy.  I mean, she's a princess AND a badass leader.  Plus she and Han are perfect foils. And that hair... seriously?

3. If you could have one super power?
Even though I have vertigo, I would want to be able to fly.  I think I could get used to it, plus it would really help with travel and saving people.

4. What's your favorite beverage/food to write with?
Coffee and a glass of water.  If I drink too much coffee I start to shake, and that really throws off my spelling.

5. Do you share any traits with your main characters?
Oh, did you want a longer answer?  There is something of me in every character, but probably not the ones you'd think!  I tend to reverse rolls and put myself in my male characters more than my female characters.
6. Is the pen name because you're in Witness Protection?

Shhhhhhh......  you are going to get me in so much trouble!  No, I ran a business for several years and learned I like to keep my personal life segregated from my professional life... which was a huge inspiration for Filters, actually. Social media has a tendency to blur the lines of privacy.

Thanks for stopping in today, Alexis, and best of luck with Filters which is available on Amazon! Need a little taste? Alexis put an excerpt on her webpage!


Have you signed up for our (Tara & Heather's) The Thrill of it All Blogfest yet? There's some awesome prizes! And, all you have to do is share a thrill of yours, or of your main characters, on June 24th! How easy is that?


I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the men and women in our United States Armed Services, past, present, and future, and say thank you for your service.


  1. Great interview. I love the selection of Princess Leia! She and Han are my favorite part of the Star Wars universe.

    So glad to hear your book's doing well. Have a great weekend!

  2. Amen!
    The premise of Alexis' book sounds scary. (She does have an awesome name though.) Too much coffee causes spelling mistakes? Glad I don't drink it.
    Signed up for blogfest.
    And you do rock Heather - big time! May your book sales continue to rock as well.

  3. Thanks for having me! (You can see the answers to the questions I asked Heather over on my blog... she was hilarious!)

    May your book sales be plentiful and your coffee supplies boundless!

  4. I feel so out of the loop. I really need to visit you more often . . .so I have huge congrats to say.

    CONGRATS on Maguire's Corner!!!
    CONGRATS on the YOU ROCK award!
    Best wishes on all that you do!

  5. Oh, and love the interview - I played pretend Princess Leia for years as a kid - because she was a great heroine . . .and for all those reasons stated above.

  6. I liked your interview! I liked Leia too, well except for her sojourn with Jabba. ugh.

    Congrats on YOU ROCK award.


  7. Personal life separate from professional - I understand that.

    Saw your award at Alex's this morning - congrats!

  8. Big congrats on the award from Alex! It's wonderful your book is doing well and you're getting feedback. Yay! :-)

  9. M.J. - Thank you! Thanks for coming!

    Alex - I hope so too! Thank you for being there for me!

    Alexis - You are welcome! Loved doing this with you!

    Tyrean - Well, thank you! Thank you! and Thank you!

    Princess Leia is the best!

    Sia - Ewwww. Yeah, that's gross! Thank you!

    L. Diane - I bet. Thank you!

    Lexa - I appreciate that! Thank you!

  10. Congrats again on your book, and now also on your award. Alexis book sounds really fun as well. Thanks for the intro.


  11. Fun interview.

  12. Congratulations on your award.

  13. Congrats on being one of the recipients of Alex's "You Rock" awards!

  14. that was a huge & awesome post! how sweet of you to interview alexis! and congrats on being chosen for the one in thousands alex award!

    happy for you!!

  15. Rhonda - Thank you! I appreciate that!

    Susanne - Thanks for stopping in!

    Patsy - Thanks! It's awesome!

    Carolyn - Thank you! He's the best!

    Tara - Thank you, Tara! It's pretty darn cool!

    Thanks for coming everyone!

  16. This is a great interview! And congrats on the award.


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